I swear I could spend all day browsing on Etsy. Some of my favorite artwork, baby items, home decor, monogrammed gifts, and paper goods have been Etsy finds from over the years and today I’m sharing fifty (!) of my very favorites. There’s no better time to support a small business if you’re able to and I know any one of these would brighten my day right now. I’d love to hear some of your favorite Etsy shops in the comments!

etsy abstract painting

{Maren Devine abstract art print}

quadrille arbre de matisse throw pillow

{Quadrille Arbre de Matisse throw pillow}

monogrammed coasters

{monogrammed coasters}

jorey hurley wave print

{Jorey Hurley wave print}

nantucket cornhole

{Nantucket cornhole}

monogrammed stationery design darling

{monogrammed notecards}

hot pink and orange monogrammed dinner napkins

{monogrammed dinner napkins}

{Nantucket letterpress map}

personalized stripe ice bucket with last name

{ice bucket with last name}

les touches throw pillow green

{Les Touches throw pillow}

scalloped letterpress notecards

{scalloped letterpress notecards}

applique monogram boudoir pillow

{applique monogram boudoir pillowsee ours in Teddy’s nursery}

custom grasscloth mirror

{custom grasscloth mirror}

monogrammed notecards

{monogrammed notecards}

monogrammed bib

{monogrammed bib}

floral pleated lampshade

{floral pleated lampshade}

nantucket climbing roses art print

{climbing roses art print}

lucite drawer pull

{lucite drawer pull}

quadrille fiorentina throw pillow

{Quadrille Fiorentina throw pillow}

{Kim Hovell oyster art print}

monogrammed ice bucket

{monogrammed ice bucket}

{Emma Louise Bell print}

applique monogrammed shower curtain etsy

{applique monogrammed shower curtain}

nantucket steps beach art print

{Steps Beach art print}

Quadrille Sigourney throw pillow

{Quadrille Sigourney throw pillow}

applique monogram pillow

{applique monogram pillowsee ours here}

Nantucket rose covered cottage art print

{Nantucket rose covered cottage art print}

applique monogram pillow cases

{applique monogram pillow cases}

monogrammed gift tags

{monogrammed gift tags}

greek key throw pillow

{Greek key throw pillow}

seascape oil painting

{seascape oil painting}

monogrammed bath mat

{monogrammed bath mat}

monogrammed playing cards

{monogrammed playing cards}

Schumacher Betwixt throw pillow

{Schumacher Betwixt throw pillow}

monogrammed notebook

{monogrammed notebook}

monogrammed baby rollneck sweater

{monogrammed baby rollneck sweater}

monogrammed acrylic wine glasses

{monogrammed acrylic wine glasses}

personalized doormat

{personalized doormat}

ginger jar matches

{ginger jar matches}

applique monogram pillow sham

{applique monogram pillow sham}

monogrammed notecards

{monogrammed notecards}

monogrammed gingham ice bucket

{monogrammed gingham ice bucket}

David Hicks La Fiorentina throw pillow

{David Hicks La Fiorentina throw pillowsee ours here}

hydrangea driveway art print

{hydrangea driveway art print — see ours here}

custom coordinates sign

{custom coordinates signsee ours here}

monogrammed gingham melamine plates

{monogrammed gingham melamine plates}

{Lola Donoghue abstract painting}

monogrammed notepads

{monogrammed notepads}

monogrammed bib

{monogrammed bib}

monogrammed melamine plates

{monogrammed melamine plates}

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  1. This is a little bit of an older post but I somehow missed it over the past month – thank you for linking your instagram every few weeks to remind us of what went up! I have no less than eight tabs open on Etsy right now hunting around for prints and artwork for my new apartment!

  2. These are great shops! Thanks for sharing. I added some to my list. Here are a few of mine.
    CrazyLittleSilk for daisy shape earrings
    GeorgiannaLane for beautiful photographic art of Paris, London, and flowers– she is a wonderful seller… Keeps in touch with you monthly for a nice download.
    Gooddogjack for a westie dog lover or owner.
    Theplayhousekid for a fabric playhouse that fits over the square folding tables found at Walmart.
    CocoandJames– the cutest artwork of farm animals, etc.
    MelodyLeaLamb- another artist I’ve purchased from.
    LaurieFurnellDesigns- a talented artist who I buy from to make candybar wrappers… As you can tell I’m not artistic myself and thus, am quite impressed with those that are whether they sew, paint, take photographs, do graphic design, create jewelry– I’m a fan!!

  3. Fabulous recommendations! I am redecorating my office and have been on the hubt for new artwork – terrific timing!!