I always love seeing the stuff people find on Amazon — it’s a hard site to browse but I constantly find myself adding new items to my cart. Here are a few of the things we’ve ordered recently, from baby items for Teddy to the hair dryer brush that’s rocking my world. You can see more of my favorite Amazon buys here and here. Would love to hear some of yours in the comments!{WeeFarers children’s sunglasses}

Can you even?! As we start spending more time outside, I wanted to order Teddy a pair of sunglasses and was elated when I found this precious pair. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

{Pantene rescue shots}

These were my friend Kelly’s find and they’re a total godsend for dry and damaged hair. For $5, they can’t be beat!

{pink scalloped yoga mat}

I ordered two of these for at-home workouts and I can’t get enough of the scalloped edge. They’re even brighter in person!

{Samsung Frame TV with white bezel}

We haven’t had a TV up in our house since we moved in last July and I’m excited we’re getting close to hanging this one in our family room! We ordered the white bezel frame so it will look more like a piece of art than a TV.

{Thinkbaby sunscreen}

Unfortunately Teddy inherited my very fair and super sensitive skin so I’m stocking up on SPF 50+ for the warmer weather ahead. Any other brands I should be aware of?

{Noodle & Boo baby hair and body wash}

The most delicious baby smell — I swear I will be buying this for Teddy until he goes to college. 😂

{Nuk learner sippy cup}

I ordered this after noticing that Teddy was lunging for all our drinks and he’s slowly but surely getting the hang of it. This one is completely spill-proof!

{Revlon hair dryer hot air brush}

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have the worst postpartum baby bangs growing in around my face and I’m desperate for a way to keep them under control. This hot air brush is amazing for a ten-minute at-home blowout and then I follow it up with my beloved hair straightening brush along my hairline. It’s still not perfect but it’s better than nothing!

{exfoliating foot peel mask}

My mom and I just did one of these exfoliating foot peels that I’d seen on Grace’s blog a couple years ago and let’s just say it worked almost too well. I immediately saved this one to order next — I think I’ll do it a couple times a year (but definitely not during sandal season!).

{Black + Decker microwave}

Our old kitchen had a built-in microwave and we decided we were fine with a freestanding one in our new kitchen. We’re actually planning to keep it in our pantry to keep our countertops clear but we’ll see if it sticks!

{True Food Kitchen cookbook}

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of True Food Kitchen and seriously miss having it down the street from us in Dallas. I pray they’ll open a Connecticut location someday but in the mean time we’re going to attempt some recipes from the founders’ cookbook!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! Is the cup Teddy’s first non-bottle drinking cup? Been on the lookout for one! 🙂 And out of curiosity, what does he like to drink?

      1. Thank you! Also, a friend dropped off “Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave” yesterday as a gift and I totally agree with you, it’s so cute! I also love “The Very Busy Spider” (my son LOVES the animal noises) and “Llama Llama Red Pajama” if you haven’t read those yet! 🙂

  2. I bought WeeFarers directly from the company last year. Of course a toddler is reckless with sunglasses so she broke them almost immediately. I mentioned it on an Instagram post and they contacted me about it and sent us a new pair. I bought several colors and catherine broke most of them and they replaced all of them! Fabulous company and super cute baby size sunglasses. I don’t know what the policy is if you buy them through Amazon.