We’re a couple weeks out from having a kitchen again and I’m so excited to get in and get organized! We don’t have a ton of upper cabinets in our kitchen but we do have a walk-in pantry where we plan to keep most food items as well as our microwave and toaster. It’s not a huge space but I think once we get a good system in place, it will work really well for our needs! Here are a few images that will be inspiring Mission: Pantry Organization in the weeks to come…

the home edit pantry organization

pantry organization with baskets

pantry organization

pantry organization with clear containers

organized pantry

pantry organization with white baskets

*images one / two / three / four / five / six

I could seriously look at organized pantry images all day long — there’s something so calming about a well-organized space! Here are a few of the products I’m planning to order to make the most of our new pantry space. I’ve used these baskets in several places in our house (including Teddy’s nursery!) and they’re the best.

the container store water hyacinth storage bins with handles

{water hyacinth baskets}

oxo good grips pop 10-piece canisters

{set of ten canisters}

the home edit all-purpose bin

{all-purpose bin}

clear linus divided lazy susan for pantry organization

{lazy susan}

linus packet organizer for pantry

{packet organizer}

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  1. I agree they are VERY therapeutic to look at but one thing you should never do is put potatoes and onions together! Just so you know.

  2. We just redid out kitchen last year (perfect timing!) and my most favorite thing is this pull out spice/baking cabinet. It looks like a regular cabinet, but it pulls out, not open, and it has several shelves for spices, oils, jars etc.. It’s perfect for this otherwise wasted space between the old cabinet and wall and it makes the whole wall look cohesive. I also love it because it hides the clutter of jars and keeps them from collecting dust. While several of the photos you included look beautiful, I would be obsessive about dust collecting on the shelves and in between spaces, esp. if it’s an open space.. Just a thought, not a debbie downer criticism 🙂 I can share a photo if you’re interested in what I mean… Excited for you to have a working kitchen again!

  3. Lots of pretty pictures!! My only recommendation is putting in a shelf in the middle of the vertical spaces with electrical outlets so you don’t have to move bigger equipment like the stand mixer elsewhere. Relatedly, don’t put heavy stuff high up unless you don’t intend to ever use it.

    1. As you know, we just renovated our kitchen and have a rather narrow cabinet next to the stove where I like to keep my spices. We bought these handy dandy pull out racks and they are terrific! You can easily see every jar even those that would typically be lost in the back of the cabinet, and it keeps them from falling over. They’re by Lynk Professional and I found them on Amazon.
      Have so much fun putting your kitchen back together!