I know this topic will only pertain to some portion of you, but if you’ve had a baby in the last year or two and are struggling with postpartum hair loss and regrowth, I want you to know you are not alone! My hair started falling out by the handful when Teddy was around four months and it was only then that I fully appreciated how full my pregnancy hair had been! While it feels like I’m losing less hair now at almost eight months postpartum (maybe because I have less hair to lose? kidding but not really 🙈), I have patches of spiky baby hairs around my face that are far too short to pull back or tuck behind my ears. I posted a video on Instagram (saved in this highlight) and heard from so many new moms who are in the same boat, so I wanted to share what I’m trying and some of the postpartum hair loss suggestions that have worked well for you. And word to the wise: a few people suggested cutting bangs, but I’d caution that quarantining at home probably isn’t the best time to try out a radical new DIY hairstyle. 😉

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So here goes! I just started trying out this shampoo and this conditioner after a couple people recommended those for encouraging new hair growth and will let you know how they work for me (and in the mean time I’ll mention that both products smell absolutely fantastic). I’m also about to order more prenatal vitamins (I just ran out and am thinking about switching to this brand? thoughts?) as that was a popular suggestion for minimizing hair loss and speeding up new growth. The other most popular suggestions were biotin and collagen peptides. I am not a medical professional and have not researched each of these to know whether they’re safe for breastfeeding so you should absolutely run any of these ideas by your doctor before starting a new regime, but personally I was encouraged at receiving so many different suggestions — so if one thing doesn’t work, there are plenty of other ideas worth trying! I’ll be sure to update if I find anything that works miracles for me personally. Here are all your postpartum hair loss suggestions (in alphabetical order):

Have any of these worked well for you? Leave any other suggestions in the comments — I know a lot of other new moms will be grateful!

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  1. One of my breastfeeding consultants actually told me not to take the vitamins/gummies for hair, skin and nails because the biotin levels were overly high and could reduce milk production. You do NOT want your biotin levels to be above a certain amount if needing to still produce milk, and those gummies are several times more than you should have.

  2. There is a postpartum hair gummy from Baby Blues my girlfriend gifted me at my baby shower and literally it has made such a difference my second pregnancy. I used to take some of the ingredients separately like the biotin and collagen and this is just way easier. That’s my best tip.

  3. I love this Kerastase line. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. i’ve been using it along with a postpartum hair vitamin from baby blues ( and the combination has made a big difference for me. I do heat style and brush my hair alot so I think the Kerastase line has definitely helped with that. I chose to do a postpartum hair supplement to replenish vitamins shed after having the baby and basically do everything in my power to support my hair growth.

  4. I am having hair loss (due to stress) not baby! My dermatologist suggested Nutrafol. She said it was the only one that really does the trick. It’s so hard to see your hair falling out, but hang in there. It will grow back!

  5. I’ve experienced this type of hair loss, telogen effluvium, due to health. I’d recommend checking your overall iron and your stored iron, called ferritin since you just had a baby. If either of those are low, making sure you have what you need as far as that goes. My ferritin was at 13 and my Endo said to be able to grow hair it should be 30+. Iron supplementation is not created equally – ferrous sulfate is preferable to other forms by Derms for hair regrowth. Also, natural shampoos can dry hair out too. I realized there is something in natural shampoos that made my hair worse – red spots everywhere and itching. I liked Aveda’s Scalp Benefits as a middle ground. And this is something no one wants to tell you – it’s okay that you have less hair as you age because for most women it’s natural. Having the same volume of hair at 25 and 35 or 45 is just different.

  6. I’d love to hear your review of the Keratase! While I don’t have post-party hair, almost exactly the opposite…38, no kids and THICKENING hair, my quarantine hair is at rapunzel length status and the breakage from trying to brush/comb all this hair has been trying. I was debating between this particular Keratase shampoo or the one that’s made specifically for long hair. Not sure if breakage is an issue for you or just the falling out, but if you notice it breaks less, PLEASE let me know before I chop off all my hair from frustration!! Thanks and good luck!!

  7. Really like my ritual vitamins. Now I am 50 but they help me feel goo. I have low bit d, vegan so need the b 12 and they help with menopause. Best part easy to swallow and smell great.

  8. Welcome to motherhood!!!! Post pregnancy hair loss. No one tells you about that. My baby (#3) is 5 months and just clock work with the other two my hair loss started around 4 months. Next is the fun hair regrowth. It’s part of the journey…just like the journey of never going to the bathroom alone again. 😉. Once again, a woman’s body is amazing. We have brought life into this world and nurtured it.

  9. honestly, monat has helped my hair regrowth so quick since having a baby! I tried the pura d’or, nioxin, and the aveda line. nothing else worked!

  10. Try 15 drops of Lavender oil in. your shampoo! You can also do 1 drop of lavender oil in your mascara (once a month). This helps with growth!