1. First and foremost, please read George Floyd’s story and sign this petition.
  2. Relatedly, I appreciated these thoughts on becoming actively anti-racist.
  3. Coping mechanisms for navigating these uncertain times.
  4. Discovered a bunch of new artists thanks to Julia’s round-up.
  5. I just ordered these monogrammed hand towels for our new powder room.
  6. I teared up reading Jen’s letter to her son on the eve of his first birthday. She is such a beautiful writer!
  7. Our new outdoor table arrived this week!
  8. Really applaud Jess for opening up about her mental health.
  9. So excited about Jenn’s collection for Sail to Sable!
  10. This outdoor pressure washer is one of my best quarantine purchases to date.
  11. Very much here for Legally Blonde 3.


From Design Darling this week:

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