As part of my overdue and ongoing commitment to becoming actively anti-racist, I recently ordered several children’s books from this list of Coretta Scott King Book Award winners to read to Teddy before bed each night. The award is given to outstanding Black authors and illustrators of children’s books that demonstrate an appreciation for Black culture and universal human values. There were so many great suggestions on this post of our favorite books to read him from the fall and I would love to create a more inclusive list here! So far Teddy’s favorite has been Parker Looks Up (he literally lunges at it when he sees it on the table next to the chair where we read!) but he’s also weirdly mesmerized by Hidden Figures even though it has much longer text and is admittedly probably better suited for a slightly older reader. And while neither is a Coretta Scott King award winner, both A is for Awesome! and I Am Human were thoughtful gifts from my sister Reilly (who is light years ahead of me when it comes to understanding and combatting racial injustice) at my baby shower last summer that Teddy loves as well. I’m excited to order more books off this list over time (both for our house and to give as baby gifts!) but would love to hear any of your current household favorites in the comments!

Coretta Scott King Book Award winners

Parker Looks Up  // Hidden Figures  // I Am Human

A is for Awesome!  //  I Have A Dream  // and still waiting for Sulwe to arrive!

Teddy’s rug and more nursery photos here


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  1. Have you read “The Day You Begin” by Jacqueline Woodson? It is a beautifully written and illustrated book, especially for when Teddy one day begins school! It is a simple book, but we need to remember to read our children diverse books on every topic, not just racism. Representation matters.

  2. Ten nine eight was a favorite in my house! It’s not a book about race, just a cute counting book with black characters, but I think it’s important to normalize black families in books and demonstrate to our kids that white isn’t the default.

    I also love the “little” collection so much (little feminists, little scientists, little artists), and they do a great job of highlighting diversity.

  3. I have a stash of “A is for Awesome” in my gift closet and whenever a friend has a baby I make sure to include it with their gift. Such a great book!

  4. The Snowy Day is one of the most checked out books in the NYC library system. Our kids (now big) loved it when they were babies.