I don’t know how I’m just now discovering the British stationery company Papier but I now have a wishlist about a mile long. They collaborate with artists and brands to create unique designs available on notebooks, stationery, photo cards, and even wedding invitations and I swear each design is more beautiful than the last. I honestly couldn’t even narrow down my favorites for this post so pardon the endless photos! I’m going to place an order for a couple notebooks — I’ve 1000% rediscovered my love of handwritten to do lists as a way to create structure during quarantine — but I need to remember their stationery next time I need new notecards and their photo cards come Christmastime!

{scallop spine notebookalso available as a planner}

{cornflower blue border notecards}

{woven notebook — also available as a planner}

{marbled notecards}

{le moderne notebook}

{monogram rick rack notecards}

{scallop spine notebookalso available as a planner}

{tennis notecards}

{navy stripe notebook}

{scallop edge notecards}

{marbled notebook}

{woven notecards}

{diagonal rick rack notebook}

{Breton stripe notecards}

{woven notebook}

{scallop trim notecards}

{pink and red notebook}

{woven notecards}

{le traditionnel notebook}

{matchbooks notebook — also available as a planner}

{monogram rick rack notecards}

{demi notebook}

{pink and red notecards}

{marbled planner}

{diagonal rick rack notecards}

{painterly scallop notebook}

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  1. I ordered my dad new notecards from here as his Father’s Day gift. He loves them and so do I. Beautiful quality, excellent customization, affordable price.