We’ve been spending a ton of time outside between swimming in our pool almost every afternoon and taking Teddy for long walks around our neighborhood every morning. I shared our favorite baby sunscreen earlier this week but wanted to share my go-to way to protect my own skin from the sun: hats! You will rarely find me without one whether we’re on a walk, by the pool, or at the beach and these are my very favorites:

design darling straw hats

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six

1. Cuyana summer hat  //  This is almost certainly my most worn hat of all time because it doesn’t scream “beachy” the way some of the others do. I wore it literally every day of our honeymoon and think it’s the most flattering hat I own. Unfortunately it’s not packable so you have to be somewhat careful with it (like wearing it when you travel instead of putting it in your suitcase) but even with that caveat I can’t recommend it highly enough.

2. Tuckernuck packable hat  //  Adorable, affordable, and packable. See it in action here.

3. Peter Beaton Westmoor hat  //  It wouldn’t be a hat round-up without a mention of Peter Beaton! My Grandy has worn their ‘Sconset hat since the brand’s inception and I have the Westmoor with both the classic black and a more playful blue ribbon.

4. Polo baseball cap  //  My go-to option to throw on for a walk around the neighborhood or a day at the beach. Will and I share them interchangeably and we also have a couple of the baby version for Teddy!

5. J.Crew floppy hat  //  The exact one I have (seen in this post) is currently unavailable but this affordable style from J.Crew Factory has a similar shape. The wide brim means ultimate sun protection for the beach or pool.

6. Lisi Lerch Lauren hat  //  A statement hat that works as well at the beach as it does with a dress. See it in action here, here, here, and here.

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  1. Just bought the J Crew Factory one! I have an older J Crew version of it that has seen better days so perfect opportunity to replace it 🙂 Can’t beat the price!

  2. HI Kenzie,
    I enjoyed this post and would love one on buying pocketbooks for everyday use or good options to consider for REAL GRAB-AND-GO LIFE! I have a clutch and lovely boxes for special occasions or large bags for travel but I need a bag that is for everyday preferably with some organization w/o looking dorky and that is lightweight (which rules out leather) and definitely not huge. I think a dud pocketbook can ruin your look going to Pilates, the grocery store, to church, where ever and I want my bag to elevate and finish my look! I am 63 but still work hard at staying current, which your posts help me do or really affirm what I’m already wearing. Love your style!
    Any suggestions?