MY 101 IN 1001 LIST RECAP!

Wednesday marked the last day of my third 101 in 1001 list and I can’t believe I’ve been keeping these lists since 2011! My tendency is to jump into sharing my next list right away but I at least wanted to take a moment on what I crossed off over the last 2.75 years before brainstorming what I hope the next few years will entail. 

I will say it’s been a lot harder to envision what the next few years will look like in this time of so much uncertainty. My past lists have always included a section for travel, for instance, and it’s impossible to say when we’ll feel comfortable leaving the country or even getting on a plane again. This is why I give myself permission to make a few edits to each list after it’s live — I’ll include travel ambitions when I first write the list in the hopes that travel will become feasible again in the next couple years and then replace those goals with new ones in a different category if that seems improbable. Similarly, I didn’t know at the start of my last list whether we’d be able to get pregnant during that time frame, so once we did I edited my original 101 things to include a section for baby-related goals. These 101 in 1001 lists have always provided me a helpful framework for shaping my personal, professional, and just for fun goals and I’m finding it more necessary than ever to focus on the things I have some control over, even if there are fewer of them than in years past.

In any event, here are a few reflections on what I crossed off my most recent list! I wound up crossing off 80 goals which makes this my most successful list yet and I would love to beat that number with my fourth list! I was inspired by Emily’s reflections on her annual goals and adopted a similar framework for reflecting on my progress below:

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The goals I’m most proud of completing:

16. Launching my blog redesign.

41. Buy a car at the end of our lease (more on that here).

42. Buy a house (more on that here).

47. Share updates on my first, second, and third trimesters (have connected with so many new moms through these posts and a few postpartum that you can find here!).

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The goal that took the most planning to complete: 

67 & 68 & 69. Renovate the kitchen/powder room and build out a mudroom and loft at our house. This was a pretty all-consuming project while it was happening but we are so happy with the results and can’t wait to live in and fully decorate each of these new spaces!

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The first goal I completed: 

25. Post all of our wedding photos on the blog (November 2017 — see them here!).

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The last goal I completed: 

84. Try at least ten new-to-me restaurants on Nantucket. We had to get a little creative as we’re just cooking and ordering takeout this summer!

The goal that took the longest to complete:

1. Read at least fifty books. This was always going to be a long-term goal and it took me until April 2020 to make it happen! It’s been so much harder to keep my eyes open to read at night since having Teddy so I’m going to reduce the number for my next list, but I love having a target number to keep me motivated to read.

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The goals that cost the most to complete: 

34. Take Will on a trip to see a tennis match (French Open in May 2018 — SO happy we did this before starting a family!).

67 & 68 & 69. Renovate the kitchen/powder room and build out a mudroom and loft at our house. So poor but so worth it. 😂

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The goals that were the most fun to cross off: 

35. Reread the Harry Potter series together (we listened to the audiobooks before bed and loved them!).

48. Decorate the nursery and share on the blog.

93. Buy a table of strangers dinner anonymously (we did this on our first date night after having Teddy and they wound up asking the server for our name and sent us the loveliest thank you note 😭).

The goal on which I most overachieved:

85. Update the Nantucket guide on my blog (this really took on a life of its own but I love that it’s been a helpful resource for so many of you planning trips there!).

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The goal I’d most like to experience again: 

52. Get into a post-baby workout routine — we’ve started going for long walks as a family every morning and it’s been the greatest silver lining of quarantine/Will not commuting into the city every day. I was sort of skeptical that walking would be ample exercise to lose the baby weight (and I’d still love to add in classes once I’m comfortable setting foot in a gym again!) but it turns out having something I enjoy and can be truly consistent about made a big difference. I say it’s the one I’d like to experience again because 1) it’s a habit I hope to keep up as long as Will is working from home and 2) that means we’d be expanding our family which is not entirely in our control and would be a dream come true! 🤞🏼

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The goal I least thought I’d do but did: 

88. Set foot on a new continent — Will and I were so close to canceling our Australia trip after I got pregnant but decided to forge ahead after I went on medication for hyperemesis and I’m so happy we did. It was an extraordinary trip full of amazing memories as just the two of us! 

The goals I didn’t accomplish but still want to: 

5. Get Lasik eye surgery.

70 & 71. Go apple picking and visit a pumpkin patch. These will be extra fun with Teddy in tow!

96. Be able to do all three splits again. I was stretching pretty regularly before I got pregnant and got my left and right splits back but the middle one is still a challenge I’d love to conquer! 

– – –

Would love to hear what goals you’ll be working on in the next couple years and how you’re planning for the future in these uncertain times. More 101 in 1001 content coming soon! xx

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  1. I love the idea of building in the flexibility… and it’s definitely something to consider as I try to figure out what makes sense for my next list since so much has changed in the world! My 101 in 1001 list ends at the end of September and I keep looking at it and thinking it’s unlikely that I will be able to tackle much more! Maybe I should focus on more of the home stuff, lol. I am particularly disappointed about one of our travel items – we had booked cheap premium economy tickets to Argentina for our anniversary in September and I’m so disappointed to be losing the benefit of those! It was going to be a new continent and new country for us!

  2. Amazing list and inspiring as always!
    Happy to see Lasik remains on the list. I hope you are able to do it soon- one of my most life changing, happiest decisions I have made. It has been one year for me and I am especially thankful to have it done during the pandemic to limit the need to worry about contact supply and not have to touch my face/eyes as often. It is also so nice during those newborn/young baby days as you are up all hours and not napping in contacts. Congrats on completing the list! Excited to see what the next holds.

  3. That’s a great idea and so inspiring. You’ve accomplished a lot in a relatively short time! 😊

  4. That’s fantastic! 50 books with a baby during most of them is super-impressive!! Huge applause for having your most successful 1001 days with wedding, pregnancy, house, and baby, Enjoy your summer! 🌸

  5. I started my first 101 in 1001 after being inspired by you and I’m shocked to see that I only have one year left. I loved reading your reflections on your list!

  6. So I made a list at the beginning of the pandemic inspired by yours! I’m only a few months in but its so fun strategizing each month which goals I hope to accomplish. I made a ‘travel’ section and have kept it pretty close to home. Most of the travel being to local museums or vineyards I have yet to visit and I’ve been in my city 11 years now! I’m most excited about learning how to embroider (#monogramallthethings), and I just purchased a piece of jewelry I’ve been eyeing for years. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. I love this recap! Thank you for taking the time to reflect on the past 2.75 years with us. I hope you feel so proud of all you’ve accomplished in building the life you want. As for me, I want to define my interior design aesthetic, decide if we want a second kid or not, read more, develop a strict budget with my husband, turn my freelance copywriting into a consistent side hustle, put down roots in whatever our forever town is, and enroll my daughter Annabelle into programs and classes that she’s interested in and help build her own little community. (Now that I’m typing all of this out… maybe it’s time to make my own 101 in 1001 list?!)