How on earth do we have a ten-month-old?! After several months that started to blur together through Teddy’s six, seven, eight, and nine month updates, we drove up to Nantucket a month ago and the change of scenery has been the greatest gift to all of us. It could be complete coincidence, but the first two weeks we were here marked the craziest uptick in Teddy’s development so far. The biggest change is that he started crawling (something we thought he might skip over entirely!), but he’s also been pulling himself up on everything in sight, wanting to hold our hands and walk/run all over the beach and backyard, shaking his head “no” (truly don’t know where he learned this but it kills me!), and blabbing nonstop. After struggling with feelings of wanting Teddy to stay little forever during my first couple months of motherhood, I’ve been immensely relieved to find that each new age becomes my new favorite age — that while I miss how tiny he once was, I love how busy he is now; that while I miss his calm cooing as a newborn, I love hearing his confident chatter as a ten-month-old. It has been so cool to witness and makes me even more excited for what’s ahead!

sunglasses  //  polo shirt  //  seersucker pants  //  month cards

The journey to Nantucket wasn’t pretty (Teddy was awake for all but 20 minutes…) but like we always say, the juice was worth the squeeze! Will and I found these seersucker lobster shorts for Teddy when I was pregnant last summer at Peachtree Kids on Main Street — the brand is Piping Prints and they make the most adorable embroidered baby and children’s clothes!

Teddy’s first ferry ride! It was too hot to stay in our car with Teddy and Rory on the boat but we miraculously had the top deck practically to ourselves. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the general vibe on Nantucket right now and the truth is that our routine looks much the same as it did all spring in Connecticut, besides outings to the beach where it’s pretty easy to keep a safe distance from other parties. The four of us go out for early morning walks in town or in ‘Sconset and the few people we see at that hour are wearing masks like we are (here’s a round-up of face masks if you’re looking for a good one!). I find that most people are also wearing masks as they walk onto the beach and then taking them off once they’re situated and obviously while they’re swimming. Besides that we’ve been eating dinner in our backyard every night and haven’t eaten at any restaurants (just our personal comfort level right now, but we have picked up takeout from several of our favorites!) or done any shopping besides trips to the grocery store, so I’m really not the best resource on how things feel in town or at night (we’ve been eating our weight in Yasso frozen yogurt bars instead of our usual nightly trips to Juice Bar!). Linking the most recent COVID-19 guidance for Massachusetts here!

My little beach bum! Can’t get enough of this little baseball cap, polo shirt, and swim trunks combo.

The fireworks were cancelled this year but I still had to snap a few photos of Teddy in his little flag sweater! We’ve been using this quilt as a beach blanket between two umbrellas as neither of the babies will tolerate the beach tent we brought. 😂

flag onesie  //  flag sweater  //  white shorts

These two!!! Hayes is my cousin Emily’s baby and he and Teddy were born exactly four months apart. Emily and I were born fourteen days apart and it makes me happy to think of them sharing a similar friendship!

Those two little teeth kill me! I had a few people ask me whether we’d gotten a new stroller as we have the all black Uppababy Vista but the light gray above is just the sun shade rolled up. I swear I find a new feature to love about this stroller every day — I’m thinking of adding a baby registry section to my shop page so you can see all the baby products I’m most obsessed with in one place. Thoughts?!

This one’s a framer. 💕

All the playgrounds near our house in CT were closed this spring so I was extra excited to bring Teddy to the playground on Nantucket, particularly as he’s been waking up so early that no one else is there. (We ordered this after probably a dozen of you recommended it to help with sleep away from the crib, so fingers crossed that helps a bit!) The swings have been a huge hit.

We kept Teddy up for sunset on the beach one night and Will snapped this blurry photo bringing him in from the car. He’s so busy during the day now that I have to soak up these rare sleepy snuggles every chance I get!

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  1. How do you get him to keep the sunglasses on??? My 10mo rips them off her face the first chance she gets… But those Polo baby caps are forever a favorite gift. They’re so adorable!

    Teddy and my babe are just under a month apart, so it has been so fun following along!

  2. Oh, so sweet. And so well dressed– both of you! I’ve had luck with portable blackout shades (they suction to the window) and an actual Marpac white noise machine for travel. We were lucky enough to take a beach vacation this summer and they were MVPs of the trip.

  3. Would love to see all your favorites in one place. I’ve ordered a few things for my grandchildren on your recommendation. We love the sleep pod, Catherine can’t sleep without darkness so this has been a lifesaver. Only problem is she’s now big enough to crawl out of it!!! We found her on the 3rd floor at the beach the other night. It does get more fun as they grow…2 1/2 is never a dull moment. Xox happy summer

  4. My heart is just melting looking at these! Teddy keeps getting cuter and cuter! Thank you so much – as always – for sharing. It’s so lovely that you’re able to introduce him to Nantucket this summer.

  5. Adorable, as always! So glad for you and your family that you get this time together. Where is your striped top from that you are wearing on the ferry?

  6. i LOVED this stage. i have twins and months 8/9-14ish (which is when one of mine started walking) were some of my favorites so far as they learn so many new skills, get excited by everything/anything, and they are still too young to really have to teach them how to behave. now they are a bit over 2 and i actually also really enjoyed months 20-25, but now we are in the midst of the ‘terrible twos’ and now they look like little kids instead of babies!

  7. Yes please add the baby registry section to your website! We are about to start trying and I know I will need all the help I can get. 🙂