I’m on the hunt for rugs for several spaces in our home and wanted to share a few of the options I’ve come across in the hopes some of you will be able to weigh in! I will forever love the look of jute and sisal rugs — they’re classic, durable, and understated — but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s found a wide variance in quality and shedding of the material over time. If you own one of these and either would or would not recommend it, I’d love to hear from you either way! Looking for anything that’s not too scratchy underfoot and doesn’t shed a ton. 🙂

{Pottery Barn braided hemp rug — available in custom sizes}

{Safavieh jute rug with fringe}

{Pottery Barn color-bound seagrass rug — available in custom sizes}

{One Kings Lane jute rug}

{McGee & Co. woven rug}

{Williams-Sonoma Home diamond sisal rug — available in custom sizes}

{Pottery Barn chunky wool/jute rug}

{Dash & Albert pebble indoor/outdoor rug}

{One Kings Lane diamond jute rug}

{Pottery Barn hemp jute rug}

{Dash & Albert braided jute rug}

{McGee & Co. diamond jute rug}

{Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug}

{Safavieh diamond jute rug with fringe}

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  1. I have the Dash & Albert in pebble for over a year with a toddler and no pets. It’s really soft, doesn’t shed at all and stains come out easy. it does pull a little, which I can see being problematic with your pup. Good luck on your search!

  2. I have always loved using this I find them to be the softest of all the natural rugs. A nice silky feel with minimal shedding. Good luck! One question, will you be layering them in the future?

  3. I’m an interior designer and I almost never do natural jute or sisal anymore because it’s sheds, it hurts underfoot, and it causes major issues for clients with allergies (including kids and pets). ‘Polysisals’ made of polypropylene, come in many different patterns and give you a similar color, look and texture without the headache of real sisal.

  4. I have the Pottery Barn chunky wool/jute rug in natural. It’s 3 years old and has held up well with minimal shedding. It is not scratchy as I sit on it and play with my grandkids.

  5. We have this Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug:

    We use it outside, which you can see here:

    It’s been great! Even though it has to contend with 115-degree Palm Springs heat, it looks brand new 1.5 years later and it’s soft underfoot and lays nice and flat. No shedding.

    The last rug we had outside literally disintegrated — granted I don’t think it was meant for outdoors!

  6. Have you found anything that’s a similar look but doesn’t stain when it gets water on it? I too love the look of sisal and jute but kick myself every time I spill water on my sisal and jute rugs – and it happens often with two toddlers and a cockapoo!

  7. Have purchased the diamond weave Safavieh and returned it. Incredibly strong smell, too much color variance within the rug, and was uneven on one side. Disappointing, because I have a couple other rugs from them that I love!

  8. Looking to get a jute or sisal carpet at the moment and feel there’s so much more complexity to choosing one than I first realised!

  9. i have pottery barn’s “color-bound natural sisal rug with chino border” and definitely recommend it! the color is perfect and it has held up well.

  10. We have the color bound pottery barn rug and love it. We’ve had it for about a year and it’s held up great.