As the news indicates we’ll all be spending even more time at home this fall and winter, I’m trying to focus on simple ways to boost our spirits and make our home as cozy and welcoming as it can be. I definitely have moments where I get overwhelmed by anxiety and fear, but focusing on little things I can control and small steps I can take to improve our collective mood helps snap me back to the present and keeps my mind from wandering too far into a still uncertain future. In any event we’ve been burning candles around the house more often than we ever have and it sets such a peaceful mood in whatever room we’re in. I’ve been lighting one on my desk while I work, several when we turn off the lights and watch TV at night, and a couple on my bedside table as I wind down for the evening. Here are a few of my all-time favorites — I’d love to hear some of your go-tos in the comments so we can all sample a new scent or two in the months to come!

design darling all time favorite candles

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The Diptyque Baies candle has become something of a must-have decor item over the years but I have to say sometimes the classics are classics for a reason — I always, always come back to this scent! I tend to like candles with floral notes — the Diptyque Baies has a rosy scent, this Koop candle combines lemon and lily of the valley, the Candlefish one features notes of hyacinth, and this absolutely dreamy Serena & Lily candle pairs hydrangeas with orange blossoms. Do you have any favorite scents with a similar vibe? Or any brands you can’t live without? I tend not to experiment with more seasonal scents (or rather our house just looks and smells like spring/summer year-round…) but if you have a favorite holiday candle you think I must try, I’m all ears!

P.S. Do any of you favor essential oils over candles? I notice them popping up more and more in my Instagram feed but I’ve never tried them. Would love to hear your two cents!

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  1. Posh Candle Co is amazing! The scents are all amazing and the names are very whimsical. The company is owned by a black woman and I think it’s super important to support black-owned small businesses right now!!

  2. I also love Diptyque Bais (I love the larger size in the black glass with black wax…so chic!). Their Menthe Verte scent is lovely too! It’s exclusive to the boutiques (ie you can’t order from Saks, etc) but you can order directly from their site. Last year’s green holiday candle from Diptyque is a dream; I hope they bring it back! It has herbal notes in addition to the classic Christmas tree type scent https://www.diptyqueparis.com/en_us/p/moonlit-fir-candle.html.

    Speaking of, the Thymes Frasier Fir candle is fabulous!! We don’t even celebrate Christmas and burn it in the cold months along with Diptyque Feu de Bois.

  3. Love this post! Thanks for the suggestions you’ve made. Diptyque candles are a staple and the seasonal rose candles make for adorable spring bud vases. I, too, love spring year round so we burn Lily of the Valley, Fresh Hay (smells just like fresh cut grass), Patchouli in the evenings. We are also major fans of Le Labo’s Santal and Terrain’s Olum Cannabis candle. It’s always a treat when you can smell the candle in a room without it even being lit.

  4. If you like more classic scents, I can’t recommend Farm + Sea candles enough. Cozy Harbor is the signature fragrance of my house and it’s a light, ocean scent that isn’t beachy. Since I have a little one, I also love that they are soy and coconut based instead of something toxic.

  5. I rarely comment, but the candle conversation compelled me to chime in! I love Baies as much as anyone, but my absolute favorite Diptyque scent is actually Genévrier. It can be a little tough to find beyond the boutiques, so it typically necessitates an online order.

    As for ones not listed here, I know Le Labo’s got a bit of cult surrounding it (I feel like everyone I know wears Santal), but my new go-to candle is Le Labo’s Petit Grain 21. We actually ordered a few with the date printed on the label for recent my backyard wedding!

  6. Nest New York candles are amazing and I would highly recommend them. Linen is my absolute favorite scent, I just love it!

  7. I love Charleston Candle Co! The Spanish Moss is my favorite scent and I love that they do not give me a headache while they are burning! As for essential oils, I have tried them, but find that they can be a bit too overpowering in a small space. While they would probably work well in a larger room, the smell just does not last as long as a regular candle, in my opinion!