1. A lovely note to new moms.
  2. Congratulations to Lindsay on the launch of her new candles!
  3. Excited to follow along as Katie transforms her new home.
  4. How to design the perfect shower.
  5. Just ordered these pretty wrist/ankle weights for Melissa Wood Health workouts.
  6. Living for the before pictures of Erin’s new house.
  7. Loved seeing the Dudley Stephens ladies profiled on Goop!
  8. My favorite coat is 50% off this weekend (I have the sandstone but I’m OBSESSED with the new heather twilight color!).
  9. Obsessed with this navy tiered dress.
  10. This warm sweet potato bowl looks amazing.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. Oooh thanks for always being on top of sharing the J.Crew cocoon coat sales! It looks like they’ve added a bunch of new colors too!