After a full year of trying and largely failing to get back into a consistent postpartum fitness routine, I really started to feel like establishing a new workout routine had to become a top priority for both my mental and physical health. I loved having a once-weekly personal trainer before the pandemic hit, but the prospect of being at home again for months on end this fall and winter flipped a switch in me and made me realize I could no longer wait until I feel safe going back into a gym to take control of this aspect of my life. For the first time in a long time, I’m finally feeling optimistic about being able to stick with an at-home workout routine and I wanted to share in case any of you have been in a similar rut!

My mom and I are on our second week of 4x/week Melissa Wood Health workouts and here’s why it’s working for us:

1) there’s an easy-to-follow weekly schedule on her website so we don’t have to waste time deciding on a workout or a new instructor every day — it’s already there and decided for us,

2) we agreed on a time that works for both of us and work out at that exact time every day — it’s not something we have to renegotiate every day because it’s already on each of our calendars,

3) the workouts are extremely efficient — most are between 20 and 40 minutes long and we both feel we’re getting a solid workout in every time,

and 4) there’s not a ton of equipment needed so we can simply move the ottoman out of the middle of our living room, roll out our yoga mats, and get to work.

This isn’t remotely sponsored (I pay $9.99/month which I think is a steal!) but it’s been a really positive development to find a workout we’re both excited about, one that’s challenging but not complicated if that makes sense. We don’t have a home gym or dedicated workout space in our home so I really appreciate how little equipment is required! Here’s what we’ve ordered to get the most out of these at-home workouts:

melissa wood health equipment needed

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six

I ordered these hot pink scalloped yoga mats in the spring and there’s now a lighter pink color available that I like even more. I heard from someone who finds her mat a little slippery but I work out with non-slip yoga socks on (I actually originally ordered them for my hospital bag and then ordered more pairs for working out!) so I haven’t had any issues with it. These one pound bangle weights are a Melissa Wood Health staple so I ordered a pair for each of us and I like that you can use them on both your wrists and your ankles. I picked these resistance bands mostly because they color coordinate with the scalloped mat but I like that there are different options so my mom and I can share one set vs. each requiring our own. And these leggings and this water bottle have been workout essentials of mine for years no matter what I’m doing — I wear a size 4 in the leggings and love the 32 oz. bottle with the straw lid (another thing I purchased for my hospital bag that’s since become a daily must-have). How many of you are fellow Melissa Wood Health fans?! I’m so happy to have found her!

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  1. Love Melissa! My mom and I also do the workouts together and refer to her as a friend basically! Her voice is also so soothing and I always leave the workouts feeling so great!

  2. Thanks for the sharing MWH & what items you use. There are a lot of online exercise programs out right now & some of them are more than $10 a month. I’ve been trying to find some bangle weights for months but everyone bought them up when everything shutdown.

  3. I love Melissa Wood! I can’t speak to her workouts, as I’ve only done a couple, but I’ve been following her on IG for years and just love her enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Maybe some day I’ll dip into her workouts 😉

    1. I basically was going to say the same thing! I’ve followed her on IG for years but, have never done her workouts

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been doing some virtual workout classes through my gym but I feel like they always ask for so much equipment that I don’t have and don’t have space to store. I love that you can just get by with bands and a yoga mat for this.

  5. I recently started her program too. I’m five months postpartum and it’s the perfect length/fit for my workout needs. I love the weekly schedule to keep me on track.

  6. I just started her workouts recently too and have been enjoying them! I love how efficient they feel in such a short amount of time.