My friend Katie’s blog is one of my all-time favorites — I’ve been reading since I was in college! — and most recently I loved her idea of a post-coronavirus travel bucket list! She’s truthfully a more adventurous traveler than I am but I welcomed the exercise in daydreaming of a future where the pandemic is in the rearview mirror, however many months or years from now that will be. If you too are missing the excitement of planning a trip and boarding a plane to somewhere new, I’d love for you to share your post-coronavirus travel bucket list in the comments!

P.S. Just for fun, some favorite past travels that feel like an actual lifetime ago: Australia, Bermudathe Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Giraffe Manor in Kenya, and Londolozi in South Africa!

Portofino, Italy / Belmond Hotel Splendido

I’m confident I could go back to Italy every year of my life and never tire of the food, the people, or the scenery. I’ve been able to visit Amalfi/Capri/Positano as well as Florence, Rome, and Venice (and would happily revisit all of them!) but there are still so many other places I’d love to see!

Harbour Island, Bahamas / The Dunmore

Julia’s photos of Harbour Island put it near the top of my Caribbean travel bucket list several years back and it’s definitely somewhere I’d rather be this moment! It looks like it just might rival Playa Grande in the Dominican Republic, one of my all-time favorite hotel stays.

The Netherlands during tulip season

I spent a rainy weekend in Amsterdam during my semester in France in college but I’d love to go back to the Netherlands in mid-April when the tulips are in full bloom! The photos look almost too beautiful to be real.


After our safari honeymoon in South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya, we would love to plan a big anniversary trip (maybe year ten?!) to go back and experience safari in a new country. Stacie’s photos of Botswana definitely put a new country on my radar!

Mackinac Island, Michigan / Grand Hotel

For something a little closer to home, I’d love to go back to Mackinac Island with Will! We visited as a family when I was a teenager as part of a family goal to see all fifty states and I fell in love with this charming car-free island on Lake Huron. I’ve had people tell me this is their family’s version of how we feel about Nantucket and I can see why!

I’d love to hear your post-coronavirus travel bucket list in the comments… I imagine we could all use a little wanderlust right now!


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  1. I would love to hear about if you and your family made it to all 50 states! My husband and I are big travelers and are anxious to plan our next trip – but traveling will look a little different now as we have a 7 month old!

    I also love Italy and would never tire of going there. We would really like to get to Peru, South Africa (I have been but my husband hasn’t), Kenya, Morocco, Germany, Greece….The list could go on forever!

  2. I share your love for Italy. My favorite place to visit is Lake Como – truly a beautiful place. Our trip to the Grand Hotel and Mackinac Island is still one of our favorite vacations. How I would love to have that peaceful serenity right now! Beautiful photos.

  3. I love this idea! I have a family travel blog and it’s all domestic… America is so beautiful, I hope to explore more spots in 2021 before I head overseas. We had a massive road trip planned for 2020 that we rescheduled for 2021- fingers crossed we can do it! You might be interested in my blog, since so many spots are in New England, or at least driveable from CT, and your son is getting older.. My Top 30 spots in CT comes out tomorrow 🙂

  4. Normally my husband and I are big travelers so the past eight months have been tough – we’re trying to keep our hopes up for international travel resuming late next year! Australia and South Africa are our two bucket list destinations before we start trying for kids, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed we can still make both of those happen in the next two years. The other places we’ve been talking about lately are Scotland and Mexico (either Cancun or Mexico City).

  5. Mackinac Island is on my list too – I want to go for the annual fudge festival! 😄 I would love to do more US travel after this is over. Not that there aren’t hundreds of other countries I’m dying to see, but I want to explore my own backyard too!