Feel free to skip this post (or revisit it a month from now) if you’re bothered by early holiday decorating, but I have a hunch I’m not the only one who’s ready to put up our Christmas lights earlier than usual this year. Our Christmas celebrations are going to be a bit scaled back this year with fewer family members able to make the trip to Connecticut but I’m planning to go all out with our holiday decor just the same. We have a better handle on what we have and what we need to decorate this house after our first holiday season here last year and I can’t wait to scoop up a few more goodies to take things to the next level this year. At the very least it’ll be a practice round for hopefully more robust celebrations in 2021?

P.S. How I organized our wrapping paper.

{preserved boxwood garland}

{beaded heart ornaments}

{real bay leaf garlandsee it in our home a few years ago here (it smells incredible!)}

{miniature bulb set}

{pre-lit faux boxwood wreath}

{velvet stockings}

{preserved boxwood garland}

{glitter icicle ornaments}

{faux fir pre-lit wreath}

{faux fir pre-lit garland}

{channel quilted velvet stockings}

{white/gold grosgrain ribbon}

{preserved boxwood mini wreaths}

{pre-lit faux flocked pine garland}

{lacquer twist taper candles}

{pre-lit faux woodland pine garland}

{glass hurricanes}

{ginger jar ornaments}

{channel quilted velvet tree skirt}

{gold frayed silk ribbon}

{real cedar wreaths with red velvet ribbon}

{wide stripe ribbon}

{silver stocking holders}

{faux boxwood garland}

{glass ornament set}

{wide gold glitter ribbon}

{real pine and eucalyptus wreath}

{red velvet ribbon}

{light-up holiday village}

{pre-lit faux spruce garland}

{glitter bauble ornament}

{wide velvet ribbon}

{faux boxwood ribbon}

{basket tree collar}

{pre-lit faux garland}

{red and white grosgrain ribbon}

{pre-lit faux cedar and pine garland}

{sparkle wreath}

{glitter star ornament}

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  1. If you need any of thobsby ginger Katey ornaments let me know, i bought a case. I’ve been rigging them with sisal trees .

  2. So many good finds! I hope you’ll do a post on how you actually end up decorating. With all the character in your house, I’m sure it’ll be magical