One of the little projects I’ve had on my to do list since we renovated our kitchen was to organize the spice drawer next to our stove. All the spice racks I ordered were slightly too tall for the dimensions of the drawer we wanted to use so I decided to streamline everything with my own bottles and labels and lay them flat so all the labels are easy to read. It’s not Home Edit-worthy by any stretch, but it’s much better than it was!

SPICE JARS: I ordered this set of glass spice jars because they’re square so they lay flat in the drawer instead of rolling around. The set comes with a silicone funnel that makes it easy to transfer spices from one jar to the next and shaker lids that snap on easily before you screw on the metal lid. I recommend counting how many spices you currently use and getting an idea for how many spice jars you’ll need — I ordered a set of 30 and have a few extras to store in our pantry in case we add any new varieties going forward.

spice drawer with custom labels

LABELS: I thought about ordering custom labels online but I didn’t want to have to place a new order any time we bought a new spice, so I decided to print my own at home. I ordered these square labels and then used this corresponding template to type out the names of every spice in our drawer. The font I used is called Brandon Grotesque but you could use any of your favorite fonts!

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  1. Ah! This is on my list to do this winter! We recently updated our kitchen and that’s one of the last little pieces that needs to be done. Thanks!