I wanted to share a little progress update on our playroom! It’s still a work in progress (a kids’ table and chairs are next on my list!), but we did get a new braided jute rug that’s better sized for the space and started to get more serious about finding a system to corral Teddy’s toys and books. With the exception of the wallpaper, I’ve chosen extremely budget-friendly pieces that are practical for all the mayhem this room will see with two boys in the years to come!

I ordered the new rug from, which has a huge assortment of affordable rugs for any room in your house. I went with this braided jute style because the color and texture are so practical for concealing little messes — it was important that we all be able to relax when Teddy inevitably wanders in here with a pouch or a snack! It’s also really soft underfoot relative to other jute rugs we’ve owned and then we also added this rug pad underneath to make it even cushier for Teddy’s occasional tumbles and tummy time with our forthcoming baby #2! I’m learning the hard way that rugs are the wrong place to splurge with little ones so I’ve bookmarked a few more styles (this, this, this, and this in particular) for decorating future spaces in our home.

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  1. When you say you are bookmarking things for the future, I’m prone to giggling. I have 2 boys (now 13 and 11). In the last year, they have left marks on walls, broken dishes, and used their shirt instead of a napkin countless times. Neither is disrespectful or aggressive but the combination of the impulsivity that comes with adolesecence and bodies that they no longer know where they end, we are a long ways from buying things they won’t wreck accidentally. Indeed, we work really hard on the lessons of “take care of your things and my things.” Here’s my advice to learn from my hard experiences — don’t expect that with the baby and toddler years ending you’ll be able to have a damage-free house. Either buy washable or wait.

    1. Oh I think you misread! The bookmarked pieces are other affordable rug styles for future kids’ spaces (Teddy’s new bedroom when baby #2 arrives, for instance) in our home as I’m learning the same lesson 🙂

  2. Such a gorgeous space in which you’ll make so many happy memories for years to come! Would you please link your hydrangea vase? I’m looking for something similar but I can’t seem to find one with the right dimensions.