As much as I’m genuinely excited and making plans for my 2021 projects, our day-to-day still looks precisely the same as it did for most of 2020 and like the rest of the world, I find myself daydreaming about being able to see family and friends, have a date night at our favorite restaurants, and take a weekend trip without the constant fear and worry that have accompanied all of us these past ten months. I have to remind myself constantly to focus on the things I can control and not drive myself crazy with all the “what if?” scenarios that will unfold on their own over the course of this year. I’ve been tackling little organization projects (and one big one!), lighting lots of candles, delighting in Bridgerton on Netflix, doing lots of needlepointing, and generally leaning into the cozy little luxuries of all this time at home. I’d love to hear how you’re hanging in there in the comments! In the mean time here are a few pieces I have my eye on as we forge through the rest of winter:

loungewear round-up design darling

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five   //  six (also love this similar style)

seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve

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  1. Those moccasins look so cozy, I think my husband has the men’s pair of them (but from J.Crew Factory). And Bridgerton is a lot of fun, I read the book series ages ago and was so thrilled with Shonda’s adaptation. I’m hoping this inspires more diversity in period shows too!

    It’s definitely a tough time, I think many of us hoped that the vaccine rollout would be faster so that we could get back to normal sooner. I’m just taking things day by day, and am trying to make sure I get out for a walk daily before the sun sets for the sake of my mood (we’re in a 1BR in DC so can’t work from a backyard or anything, sadly). For something little that made a surprisingly big difference in my mood, I stocked up on my favorite leggings so that I can make sure that every day my outfit brings me joy/comfort. Otherwise, just trying to find more moments/places where I can do some good in light of last week’s events at the Capitol. More donations and more pro bono legal work!

  2. Love the Tory Sport leggings – do you have a pair (I seem to remember you do)? How’s the fit? What type of workouts are they best for? I’m looking to invest in a navy Tory Sport sweatshirt + leggings set but haven’t heard how the leggings hold up in real life/workouts. Thanks!!

    1. I have the navy version and I love them! They’re super soft and lightweight — probably best for yoga, barre, pilates, anything where you don’t need compression or added warmth.