I thought I’d do an updated post on the things bringing me the most comfort during this second pregnancy. The list isn’t wildly different from my pregnancy must-haves the first time around, but there are some hall-of-fame-worthy new additions that I wanted to put on your radar!

design darling pregnancy must-haves

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1. Ritual prenatal vitamins  //  I switched to these a few months before getting pregnant with baby #2 and they have been legitimately life-changing for me. I battled hyperemesis all the way through my first pregnancy and keeping down my drugstore prenatal vitamins was a daily struggle, so to experience much more routine levels of pregnancy nausea coupled with finding a prenatal that doesn’t make me nauseous has been absolutely night and day. You’re welcome to use code MACKENZIE for 10% off your first three months if you’re interested in giving them a try.

2. Nekteck heated neck and back massager  //  One of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases that’s come even more beloved during pregnancy. If you a massive upgrade to your nightly Netflix habit, pregnant or not, this is a no-brainer. Truly everyone who tries it loves it!

3. Lululemon Align leggings  //  I can’t explain the magic behind how these fit just as well not pregnant as they do during the third trimester, but trust me when I say there is absolutely nothing more comfortable to don as part of your daily maternity uniform than these soft, stretchy leggings. I wear the size 4 (I’d size up if you’re on the fence) and I reach for them twice as often as any other pair of leggings or pants in my closet.

4. Navy Haircare shampoo and conditioner  //  My hair was in rough shape after having Teddy and this biotin-infused line came highly recommended from several of you for treating postpartum hair loss. I’ve been using it exclusively for seven months now and my hair is the longest and healthiest it’s been in years, which is saying a lot for a time when I can’t remember my last professional haircut! You can use code MACKENZIE30 for 30% off anything on their site.

5. Four-point handheld massager  //  There’s nothing I love more than a deep tissue prenatal massage and clearly we’ve had to get creative since I’m not heading to the spa anytime soon. For $5, this little handheld tool packs a punch!

6. Hydro Flask water bottle  //  The best, the best, the best. It’s expensive for a water bottle but it will also make you want to get rid of every other water bottle you’ve ever owned. I got it as a spill-proof option to tote around while breastfeeding a newborn and now everything else is second best. Teddy loves drinking from mine so much that we got him this 12 ounce kids’ version!

7. Sunbeam heating pad  //  My idea of a good time during pregnancy is settling in on a heating pad with a needlepoint canvas and something to binge on Netflix. Exciting, right?! There’s nothing special about this heating pad in particular, but having heat on my lower back at the end of the day is something of a godsend for back and hip pain and something I didn’t do nearly often enough during my first pregnancy.

P.S. For anyone interested in a pregnancy pillow — I got and loved this one while pregnant with Teddy but it’s currently in a box in our attic because every night I recreate the same horseshoe shape with actual pillows and take up 80% of the bed with my pregnancy pillow fort. Yes, my husband is a saint and yes, we should probably bring that downstairs soon. 😉

P.P.S. A few posts in a similar vein: what was on our baby registry, what I packed in my hospital bag, my postpartum recovery essentials, and what’s in our diaper bag.

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  1. A Lululemon Align “hack” that I didn’t learn until my second pregnancy… when you’re in the 3rd trimester and they start to ride low on your belly, turn them around the wear them backwards. This will provide the few extra inches needed to fully cover your belly at its peak (and nobody will realize they’re on backwards, I swear!). This was a HUGELY helpful discovery for me!