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  1. Bookmarking this gardening Q&A.
  2. Found this glassblowing video incredibly peacefulit reminded me of our trip to Simon Pearce in Vermont!
  3. How beautiful is this focaccia bread art?
  4. I got this spring-y top in this week and it’s even cuter in person!
  5. I’ve had the Bridgerton soundtrack on repeat all week and it’s perfect background work music!
  6. Just ordered a couple of these affordable sweaters for Teddy.
  7. Loved this interview with designer Heather Strommen.
  8. Major organization inspiration.
  9. My favorite striped sweater from last summer is back in stock!


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. Hi Mackenzie, I hope you are having a blessed weekend. You are the first person I have ever followed on a blog and I must say I am so impressed by what I am seeing. I have been designing 2 showrooms for my company (specializing in vintage and antique furnishings with a strong emphasis on rattan, boho and Mexican styles) and I really liked your AptDeco suggestion and I also read the interview with Heather Strommen > which lead me to a wealth of other designers and ideas as well. Just wanted to say thank you very much for the hard work you put into the blog and wanted you to know that is very appreciated, as I am finding unexpected ideas and inspiration here on design darling! All the best to you!