You’ve already seen some of these if you follow me on Instagram, but I wanted to answer a few repeat questions about where I have artwork and needlepoint projects framed and share a few recently completed needlepoint projects. I’m still waiting on an assortment of Christmas ornaments I dropped off a few months ago (my local needlepoint shop said a ton of people have picked up needlepoint during the pandemic!) but my current needlepoint project is keeping me plenty busy at the moment!

nantucket flag and nantucket lightship basket framed needlepoint canvas on design darling

nantucket flag needlepoint canvas framing on design darling

sara fitz lightship basket needlepoint canvas framing on design darling

First up, I framed these two needlepoint canvases I completed this past fall over many episodes of bingeing Homeland. The two canvases came from separate artists — the lightship basket is Sara Fitz and the Nantucket flag is from this Etsy shop — but I picked threads that worked well together and wanted to find matching frames that would lend them a more vintage feel, like I might have stumbled upon them in an antique shop vs. making them myself. My local needlepoint shop recommended having them framed locally at Images in Old Greenwich as they actually do their own blocking to rectify any warping of the canvas that happens during stitching. My mom and I picked out these dark wood frames and French blue mattes and I’m so happy with how they turned out! I’m waiting to see how they might look with the wallpaper that’s coming for our new hall bath but if not I know I can find a happy home for them somewhere!

framed needlepoint canvas kc needlepoint august morgan overserved tennis canvas on design darling

I also framed this playful overserved canvas that my friend Amy texted me about as soon as it was released. I used to sell the matching cocktail napkins when I had my online boutique so I can’t wait to have this little canvas propped on our bar cart! The canvas didn’t need to be blocked so I just sent it to Framebridge and ordered this simple white frame.

P.S. Interested in needlepoint? You can see how I started needlepointing here, see a bunch of completed projects here, and download a helpful free guide for getting started here.


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  1. they’re perfect and you nailed the ‘stumbled upon them in an antique shop’ feel. I have that Sara Fitz basket and I’ve struggled to try to find the right fibers. I’d love to know (if you can remember 😂) the ones you stitched with.

    1. Ahh I didn’t save the thread tags — I should have! I always recommend going to a local needlepoint shop to have them help you pick out threads if possible, especially for a super detailed canvas like this one! Happy stitching!

  2. These look so cute! I’ve been wanting to frame some smaller projects (you can only have so many ornaments!) and was wondering if you had the frames first and then calculated how much background you needed around the design or if you just did a good sized background and then found a frame to fit. Also, do you have any tips for measuring & drawing out the background? Thank you! Can’t wait to see where these end up in your home.

    1. Totally agree you can only stitch so many ornaments — I want to enjoy my handiwork all year long! 😂 All three of these frames were custom so I just stitched the background to the size I wanted (or where there was already a border outlined on a couple of them) and had the frames made to match. You could absolutely order the frame first though if you just penciled in your own outline for the background!