I’ve been trying to post a round-up of Teddy’s clothing for each season both as a way of sharing what I’ve ordered for other moms who are shopping for little boys and as a way of getting organized for the new season myself! Here are the pieces that I’ve ordered or am planning to order for spring and into summer. For reference, Teddy will be 18 months later this month which puts him on the cusp of baby sizes (usually up to 18 months) and children’s sizes (usually starting at size 2). He’s on the smaller side for his age so I tend to order up a size in shirts and sweaters that will can carry over into the next season and order his current size for shorts and pants which tend to run longer/baggier than he needs. I’m just now starting to get baby #2’s wardrobe organized (taking stock of everything we saved from Teddy’s newborn days and ordering new pieces to fill in for the fact that they’ll have been born at opposite times of year) but I’d be happy to start doing similar posts for baby clothes if anyone’s interested!

{button-down shirt}

{pull-on shorts}

{half-zip pullover}



{polo shirt}

{seersucker shorts}

{baseball cap}

{striped polo shirt}

{navy chinos}

{navy boat shoes}

{tennis sweater — only $25!}

{linen shorts}

{driving loafers}

{striped pajamas}

{polo shirt}

{gingham shorts}


{cable-knit sweater}

{gingham shorts}

{seersucker pajamas}

{polo shirt}

{twill pants}


{plaid button-down}

{twill shorts}

{golf pajamas}

{striped button-down}

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  1. This is great! Our son will be 1 in May so working on his 12-18 month wardrobe. Do you have any shoe recommendations for very nearly/new walkers that work outside? Hoping we’ll be able to do more park visits in the near future!

    1. Aww happy early birthday to your little guy! I love Keds and boat shoes for this — both are easy to get on and off (no twisting and turning like with snow boots!) and they’re lightweight so easy for them to walk in without feeling too clunky or heavy as they find their footing.

      1. See Kai Run are fantastic – super comfy and really good for new walkers – though inside, we are just bare footed!