When Serena & Lily reached out and asked me to share some of my all-time favorite purchases from their collection, I knew I had to talk about their Riviera counter stools. I first ordered three of the blue and white counter stools when we moved to Dallas in 2015, brought them with us when we moved to Greenwich in 2017, and ordered a fourth stool when we renovated the kitchen in our current home in 2020. I originally fell in love with them for aesthetic reasons, but now I know they’re also incredibly durable, easy to clean (which will only become more important to us once Teddy’s sitting at our kitchen island instead of in his highchair), and versatile enough to work from one home to the next. There aren’t a ton of pieces of furniture I’ve owned for six years and found a perfect home for at four different addresses —  if that’s not a testament to their durability, longevity, versatility, and classic style, I’m not sure what is! I actually love the Riviera style so much I ordered the outdoor version for our backyard and the kids’ version for our playroom, but today I’m going to show you each of the spaces where we’ve used these counter stools as well as many more kitchens that feature the same style so you can see just how versatile they are!



First, here are the Riviera counter stools in our current kitchen. I ordered a fourth stool to fill our nearly 10′ island which has really become the center of our home, especially as it backs up to the sectional in our family room. I like that we can sit here and chat facing the stove if someone’s cooking or turn and face the TV in the family room if we’re all bingeing a show together.



Here are the same stools in the kitchen of the house we rented in Greenwich before moving to Darien in 2019. Incidentally it’s the same layout with a kitchen island backing up to our sectional — I guess I like what I like! I wasn’t crazy about the contemporary fixtures or dark wood island in this house but the Riviera counter stools made the space feel much more classic and not so stark.



The house we rented in Greenwich before that didn’t have a kitchen island, so we had to get creative and order a tall freestanding table to find a home for the counter stools in the enclosed porch where I often worked from home during the day. I like to think that if you buy things you really love, you’ll always find a way to make them work, and that was certainly the case here!


The kitchen in our Dallas townhouse was the one I originally ordered the counter stools for. It’s fun to see them in each different space over the years! The crazy thing is that when I ordered a fourth stool for our new kitchen, you can’t even tell the difference between the ones above that we’ve owned since 2015 and the one I bought in 2020. I think it’s pretty rare to find furniture that’s as pretty as it is practical and that’s a big reason why I recommend the Riviera collection so wholeheartedly! Below are several more spaces from other bloggers/designers where you can see how they’ve styled the same counter stools in their homes — I love sourcing lots of inspiration photos before I make a big purchase so I hope this is helpful if any of you are on the fence about these counter stools for your own kitchen!

serena & lily riviera counter stool at kitchen island

{Studio McGee}

serena & lily riviera counter stool at kitchen island

{Sarah Bartholomew}

{Alice Lane}

{Kara Miller}

{Jennifer Barron Interiors}

serena & lily riviera counter stool at kitchen island

{Chrissy Marie}

{Amy Berry}

{Carolyn Leona}

{Life on Virginia Street}

{Margaret of York}

serena & lily riviera counter stool

{Brittney Ferguson Interiors}

{The Fox Group}

{Meg White Interiors}

{Chrissy Serrano}

serena & lily riviera counter stool 15

{Jennifer Barron Interiors}

serena & lily riviera counter stool 17

{Megan Opel Interiors}

{Trove Interiors}

serena & lily riviera counter stool 19

{Collins Interiors}

{Kara Miller}

{Jennifer Barron Interiors}

{Serena & Lily}

{Jenn Feldman Designs}

{Amie Corley}

You can order the Riviera counter stools in navy/white here and in natural here. They also come in chair, outdoor, and kids’ versions!

P.S. A few more Serena & Lily pieces I’m equally enthusiastic about: the Harbour cane crib, the jute border rug, the jute diamond rug, and the South Seas side cart.

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  1. I just had mine arrive this week! One question…mine have a lot of ‘imperfections’ in the finish on the rattan. I genuinely can’t tell if they are supposed to be there or not. The worst is on the circular part on the seatback, although you can see them throughout. I bought 4, and they all have the marks, so I am guessing so, but would love your thoughts, especially since you mentioned that yours have held up so well. Thanks!!

    1. It’s hard for me to say without seeing a picture of what you’re describing but I imagine since rattan is a natural material that some variations in the finish are to be expected. I would contact their customer service if you think it’s more than that!

  2. Random question, but where did you get those cute shoes with the bow? Are they blue and black?


  3. Such beautiful, classic stools! I’m in NZ and we can’t get Serena & Lily here (which devastates me, but no matter) but after seeing how well the Riviera stools worked in your space I found a company here that could custom order me virtually the same style. They finally arrived a month or so ago and they are an absolute GAMECHANGER. We have a four year old and now, every evening, she can sit up at the island and draw while we cook and chat as a family (our previous stools were backless and not very comfortable, so she just never sat in them). It makes our evenings so incredibly social and pleasant. We also frequently eat casual breakfast there, and of course they’re fantastic when we entertain. Can’t say enough good things about them!

  4. Hi! I own them and LOVE them. Do you have any ideas for what you would use to protect the wood floors? Finding they’re scratching mine a bit. Thank you!

    1. I unscrewed the plastic pieces on the bottom and used the felt pads that you screw into the chairs instead. They stay on so much better than the adhesive ones.