I started needlepointing in the summer of 2017 leading up to our wedding but I’ve never been so prolific as I was during the 2020-2021 pandemic overlapping with my second pregnancy. (I haven’t picked up a canvas since Peter’s arrival but maybe I’ll find a little time this summer?) I’ve always enjoyed needlepoint as a hobby that connects me to Grandy, but this past year it became something of a saving grace when I desperately needed to stop refreshing the news on my phone and busy my hands and mind with something more pleasant. I know a bunch of you picked up needlepoint for the same reasons this past year so I wanted to share a few completed projects I recently picked up! My local needlepoint shop (House of Needlepoint in Darien) is currently taking 3-4 months to finish an ornament so it’s fun to finally see these all finished. I can officially cross #10 and #38 off my 101 in 1001 list!

design darling needlepoint ornaments

personalized needlepoint christmas ornament

Peter’s Christmas ornament

I plan to needlepoint an ornament for each of our children and I’m excited to hang this one next to Teddy’s ornament for our first Christmas with both boys! I thought this personalized Christmas tree canvas was simple and sweet — it would be a great project for a beginner!

nantucket lighthouses needlepoint ornaments erica wilson

Nantucket lighthouse ornaments

I picked up these canvases from Erica Wilson last summer on Nantucket and they were a fun project to work on whenever Teddy fell asleep at the beach. You can find the canvases for Brant Point here, Great Point here, and Sankaty here.

nantucket needlepoint ornament

Nantucket ornament

My mother-in-law gave me this canvas and I love how it turned out!

american flag needlepoint key fob

American flag key fob

I needlepointed this key fob canvas for my brother Camden and finally got it finished in time for him to move into his first apartment in New York! I think key fobs and ornaments are the perfect place to start if you’re just learning to needlepoint and both make perfect gifts (but seriously, start stitching now if you want them professionally finished in time for Christmas!).

P.S. How I started needlepointing, my first round of completed projects, advice for learning to needlepoint, the canvas I’m currently working on, and three canvases I recently framed.

P.P.S. A few canvases I have my eye on: this chic monogram, this gingham key fobthis hydrangea, this little totethis sweet pup, and just about everything from this Etsy shop.

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  1. I took needlepoint lessons last December & I have fallen off the wagon! Any advice to get motivated again?!!! I started my son’s stocking and I feel so guilty for not progressing (or doing anything) in recent months!

    1. I definitely go through phases too! I try not to force it when I’m just not feeling it — it’s supposed to be enjoyable, not guilt-inducing! Maybe you could try starting a smaller project like a key fob or an ornament to get the ball rolling again and then let the momentum carry you into the stocking project?

  2. Hi,
    As a long time stitcher it is always fun to see others work.
    There are so many wonderful designers now and great shops.

    One suggestion I would make is to start a Christmas ornament for each boy each year.
    You can have the name on the front and the year on the back. Then when they are grown and have their own tree they will have a nice collection.
    I have done this for my grandchildren, the oldest now has 14.
    Of course they each need their own Christmas sock…happy stitching.

  3. Love this idea! My grandma taught me how to needlepoint when I was young and I love your idea to make Christmas ornaments! Can I ask how/where you get them professionally finished?

  4. I love these finished pieces – and the ones you have your eye on look adorable as well.

    I recently took up embroidery for similar, pandemic-related reasons, but am finding it frustrating and overwhelming sometimes — the patterns and stitches are just so complex! I feel like needlepoint would be a simpler place to start. Do you (or does Grandy!) have thoughts on embroidery vs. needlepoint?