Happy Friday! I’ve been counting down the days until this weekend because we’re finally, finally, finally going to see Grandy in Florida! I haven’t seen her in 20 months (since Teddy was born 😭) and I’m so excited for her to see Teddy as a busy toddler and to meet Peter in person! I just can’t wait to give her the biggest squeeze and celebrate making it through this incredibly long year and change. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love. xx


1. Advice for a first time mom? Boy due this year!

Congratulations! I shared some things I wish I’d known going into motherhood in this post, but I would say a few things. First, be kind to yourself — pregnancy, labor, and delivery are no joke and it’s okay if you need some time to emotionally process what you and your body have been through. Second, be patient as you settle into your new routine — breastfeeding and lack of sleep were big adjustments for me at first but I promise it gets easier as the weeks go on. Third, ask for help so you can prioritize your own physical recovery (this post has all my tips on that) and make time to shower and to get fresh air with your little one — you can’t pour from an empty cup! And fourth, trust your intuition — no one knows your little guy like you do and you already have everything you need in order to be an amazing mom! I’m excited for you. 🙂

2. How do you get your baby to roll over? Your video is amazing!

Thanks! I think babies really do things on their own timelines — both Teddy and Peter learned to roll over early on but Teddy didn’t crawl until 9 1/2 months or start walking consistently until 13 months. So the first thing I would say is not to stress about it if it hasn’t clicked just yet (easier said than done, I know, but I’m saying it as much for myself as anyone reading!). Other than that we try to fit in a little tummy time every day, either on this playmat (where we can jingle the bell in an effort to get him to look up/roll over) or just on a blanket on the floor. I get down on the floor with him and talk to him from whichever side he’s not facing so he’s inclined to turn his head to follow my voice. Once they get the hang of turning their head from side to side, I’ve found the rolling over follows soon thereafter!

3. Where is that rug from that your sweet baby was rolling over on?

It’s from Loom & Co.! You can find the details in this post.

4. Any wedding guest dress recs? So many weddings postponed to this summer! 

So happy for all the brides who finally get to have their big days this year! I love this, this, this, this, this, and this. 

5. What would be your must-have wedding registry items if you had to create one now?

You can see a lot of what was on our wedding registry right here! Some of my favorite gifts outside of the standard kitchen items are picture frames, serving pieces (love this and this), and throw blankets. 

6. Need help picking wedding shoes! Looking at a similar dress to yours (with a slit) but need a block heel!

Oooh fun! These would be my top pick but also like these, these, these, and these. I have lots more bridal picks on this page!

7. If you were to have a girl, would you completely change your nursery or add to it?

I would love to have a girl someday and think our nursery works well for either sex! I could see adding a pop of hot pink (I have one of these side tables in hot pink that I think would be super fun with the bright blue wallpaper) but I totally think you can do blue, green, yellow, etc. in a nursery no matter what you’re having — having a baby girl doesn’t have to mean a pale pink room unless you want it to!   

8. Do you and your parents eat meals together every day?

Yes, we do! Both my parents are on their second careers in the school system so they’re generally home from work around 4 or 4:30 p.m. We typically eat on the early side (5:30 or 6) so we can eat with Teddy too!

9. How many more kids do you guys hope to have?

We would love to have four total! Peter has been such a dream baby so I’d say so far, so good.

10. What are your views on luxury logo type items and handbags? Any on your wishlist?

I’m honestly not a huge bag person or logo person! The two designer bags I love are Goyard bags and the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag but despite admiring both for years, I still haven’t taken the plunge on either. I’m honestly more inclined to spend money on wallpaper, ha!


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  1. That’s so wonderful that you get to see your Grandy! Hope your travels went smoothly! And that rug really is beautiful…