1. A frosé recipe you can make at home.
  2. I’m obsessed with this rug!
  3. Lots of interior inspo in this round-up.
  4. Loved Grace’s thoughts on fun as an adult.
  5. My all-time favorite dry shampoo.
  6. So happy to hang with Jenn and Bob on Nantucket this week!
  7. The cutest workout top.
  8. This blackberry cocktail looks incredible.
  9. What to read this month.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. Would you mind sharing the outdoor chairs you use. I saw your outdoor table post a few weeks ago… do you think it would be too small for having 4 kids? Thank you!

  2. I would highly recommend The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris as a must read for this summer. It is a beautifully written first novel set in Georgia in the last days of the Civil War. It is a thought provoking look at how people dealt with emancipation, reconstruction and LBGTQ relationships from multiple perspectives at that time, that resonates in our time. I don’t mean to make it sound so serious, it is a novel with plenty of suspense, love and even a murder! So well written, I cannot wait for his next book!