Our little guy is three months (plus a week because I’m just behind on everything at the moment) and he continues to be a ray of sunshine 99.99% of the time. I would say he definitely found his voice this past month and has given my parents a hard time during his “witching hour” a few nights that we’ve gone out for a wedding and dinner dates with friends, which I always feel awful about. (Does the mom guilt ever let up?) It’s admittedly been a tougher month because we’ve had some family health setbacks that have taken my mom off Nantucket to care for her mom for the foreseeable future and we’re all just kind of taking things a day at a time and trying to drop as few balls as possible. I know no one should have to listen to me complain but I guess I also want to normalize that no one’s motherhood experience is smooth sailing every week (or every month) and we’re going through some sad things behind the scenes lately.

changing pad  //  onesie

baseball caps  //  striped onesie

I’m also having to develop new systems and strengths that we haven’t really needed before now. We went from minimal socializing with Teddy as a newborn before the pandemic, through ~15 months at home during which time we welcomed Peter, and now we’ve been catapulted back into the world with a 3-month-old and a 21-month-old without the level of preparedness I think we’d have if we’d been out and about more in the first 1.5 years of Teddy’s life. Does that make any sense? Like it’s one thing to remember a diaper bag for one newborn and a whole new level to leave the house with diapers, wipes, sun hats, bottles, snacks, sunscreen, sweaters, changes of clothes, etc. for two kids without any gradual leveling up between pregnancies. Basically I feel like a hot mess most days! I’m sure it will get easier with practice and the start of a new routine in the fall, but I’d be curious to know whether any other pandemic parents can relate.

sun hat  //  swimsuit

onesie  //  trying to suck his thumb! I think it’s so sweet as Teddy never tried this!

On the bright side, Peter is nursing and sleeping pretty well and has been giving us 6 or 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep most nights for the past couple weeks. We were admittedly pretty lousy at any form of sleep training with Teddy and he didn’t consistently sleep through the night until he was maybe nine or ten months, so I’d love to think we can save ourselves some sanity this time around. I’m not sure we’ll ever be the parents who have our kids on a strict schedule or sleeping 7-7 every night (and no shade whatsoever to those who do — I feel like the majority of my friends fall in that camp and it just hasn’t clicked for me) but we’ll at least try to avoid some of the sleep crutches we developed with Teddy (ahem, rocking him to sleep every night and every nap until our pediatrician basically told us it was time for a change). Now that Peter is three months, I’m trying to pay more attention to wake windows (the idea that he shouldn’t go more than 75-120 minutes between naps at this age) and find it works really well when we’re able to get him to sleep before he’s overly tired. Baby steps!

baby flag sweaters in navy and white

I was FaceTime-ing with Grandy on her 94th birthday earlier this week and told her Peter had started really smiling for us a few weeks ago and she responded, “oh, I think that baby came out smiling” and it’s honestly so true. (Forever grateful they got to meet last month.) He’s just the happiest, cuddliest, sweetest little one and I feel so lucky I get to be his mom (and Teddy’s, who cracks me up about 1,000 times a day). Hands full, heart fuller over here for sure. 💙

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  1. So very sorry to hear about family health issues, praying things get better!

    My two are also 18mo apart, now 2.5 yrs and 11 months, and I totally feel the same on “What all do we NEED when we walk out the door?” now that life has picked back up. Even almost a year in with having two littles, it still feels chaotic. Many a time have I forgotten the diaper bag or something else crucial, but being a second time parent I’m a bit more relaxed and know that it’ll be fine or we figure it out. Hope you and Will are able to give yourself that grace – you’re definitely in the trenches right now! Love these recaps 🙂

  2. I am totally with you on basically having no clue how to leave the house with two little boys! (My oldest is a month younger than Teddy and my youngest about 2 months younger than Peter.) I recently bought an OXO travel wipe holder to clip to my stroller (recommended by your friend Jen at the Fashion Maglie) so at least I always have those?! Baby steps. Haha. More importantly, sending lots of love to you and yours during this time. Peter is precious!

  3. Peters red hair is adorable! He is just so cute. Glad that one of your babies inherited your beautiful hair! Sending good vibes to your mama and your entire family!

  4. I’m so sorry about the family health setbacks, will be keeping you in my thoughts. Never feel bad for sharing the tough times on here as well!

    Peter and Teddy are just the cutest. Thank you, as always, for sharing! This must feel like the BIGGEST learning curve after the pandemic but I know you’ll start to hit your stride soon!

  5. I’ll be keeping your family in my thoughts. Sorry to hear about what they’re going through. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs. Every moment requires you to stretch beyond what you previously thought were the human limits for patience, organization, selflessness …. I have a daughter about a week younger than Peter. She’s also my second child. I didn’t think I had the capacity to do more than I was doing with one child. Now I’m the kind of person who bought a bag for the other bags so I don’t have so many bags to carry when I walk out the door. I was an oldest child, so it’s interesting to try to see things from my daughter’s perspective as a younger sibling. She was born into all of this chaos and imperfection, and every day I feel grateful for how hilarious she thinks everything is (except going to sleep; she does not think that is hilarious) and how eager she is just to be near all of us. She’s drawing us closer to each other, and that’s the magic I was hoping for when we expanded our family. The whirlwind is inevitable, but our roots are deeper because of her. *Tearing up.* I’m getting sentimental. I’m just hoping for the best for your family. I know what this season of life is like.

  6. Sending healthy prayers to your mom and love to your whole family..and never ever apologize for sharing your experiences…you’ve got a lot of readers who will always cheer you on! <3

  7. Hi Mackenzie! Congratulations on Teddy and sorry to hear about your mom’s health problems. You probably DO have to caveat everything you say based on your experience in the “public” eye so I won’t say that you shouldn’t, but for what it’s worth, you have never rubbed me the wrong way with how you communicate the realities of your life. You clearly come from privilege and have clearly also worked very hard for what you have, and above all, seem grateful for your life overall. That’s the right balance, no doubt! Didn’t actually come here to say all of that, but just that my first baby is about 6 months younger than Teddy, and I just recently found out my second baby will be on the same timeline that you had your boys. PHEW! Your baby recaps, product recommendations, and overall motherhood learnings have been ACTUALLY helpful and valuable to me since before I had my girl – from Teddy’s early sleeping/eating schedule and your family’s division of nighttime feedings, to why a Doona stroller/seat isn’t actually that great for your particular lifestyle. Keep the “18 months apart” musings coming – I’ll be over here trying to get all the reassurance I can get that we will survive the next 2-4 years (nothing out there is very positive?!)! Ha! Thank you and hope you have a good weekend!