My cousin, her husband, and their son Hayes are visiting Nantucket this week and it has been the biggest treat to see Hayes and Teddy together! My cousin and I are two weeks apart and our boys are four months apart and it just makes my heart sing to think of the two of them being as close as we are. Teddy has had so little exposure to other kids his own age because of the pandemic and it’s so nice to see the two of them eating food of each other’s plates, splashing each other at the water table in our backyard, and tag teaming various endeavors on the beach (they take the filling and emptying of their sand buckets very seriously!). It’s been a difficult summer with our Grandy’s health still in limbo and this week with family has been a bright spot for sure. Savoring every second. xx

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  1. That’s so wonderful that they get to have cousin bonding time! Hoping that your Grandy can make a full recovery and that you all hang in there.