You all were so kind the last time I wrote this kind of post so I thought I’d try to make it a regular feature and just share what’s on my mind every week or two. I hope you enjoy!

weezie hooded baby towel

We love our Weezie towels!

  1. Grandy in Connecticut. So many of you have been sweet to reach out and check in on Grandy who’s had a pretty tough summer and by some miracle just moved into a beautiful new space fifteen minutes from our house. While she’s more frail than we would all like her to be, her quick wit and sense of humor are totally intact and we feel incredibly thankful to have her so close so we can love on her, check in on her, and bring her a few treats every afternoon. My mom and I spent some time hanging artwork and making her new room feel a little more like home and I’m excited to bring the boys over this week for a little visit. It’s been a challenging few months for her and we’re hoping this will be the start of a more peaceful new chapter. Thank you to all of you who have checked in — your thoughts and prayers are so appreciated!
  2. Teddy in Tumblebees. We just started a little mommy-and-me gymnastics class once a week and the teacher is the same coach who taught me gymnastics starting around age 6 — we may have teared up seeing each other after all these years! Teddy is one of the younger and smaller kids in the class but I think it will be so good for him (and me!) to be around other little ones and their parents. Plus it will be really nice to have some one-on-one time with just him where I’m not also feeding or wearing his baby brother.
  3. Our backyard project is live. It was so fun to finally share all the before and after photos with you guys! Not gonna lie, it felt really good to check off a few boxes on my 101 in 1001 list after pressing “publish.” We still have some landscaping to do closer to the house that I’m in the process of gathering inspiration photos for, but we’ve been really happy with our landscaping team and would be happy to share their info over email if anyone local is looking!
  4. I’m now a person who gets migraines. I swear I never had anything more than a mild headache before having Teddy and now I get one or two debilitating migraines a month. Ugh! Caffeine and Tylenol help a little bit, but it seems like all the recommended remedies I’ve read about online aren’t considered safe while breastfeeding. If anyone is in the same (admittedly niche) boat and has any tips or tricks, I will try just about anything!
  5. I booked a trip! Thanks to all your encouragement on this post, I booked a little weekend getaway for Will and I to look forward to in January. It felt like everywhere I wanted to stay was either already booked or outrageously expensive over the next few months and I was about to table the idea until I read all your comments and decided to just book something for early next year. We’re literally going an hour from our house but just having something on the calendar to look forward to feels like a second honeymoon.
  6. I need to order new clothes for the boys. Shopping for myself is admittedly usually more of a “want” than a “need,” but shopping for kids is sometimes like a part-time job? Peter has a ton of hand-me-downs from Teddy but they were born at opposite times of year and I feel like I’m starting from scratch on winter clothes for both of them. I feel like Teddy is on the cusp of being able to wear J.Crew’s kids’ line Crewcuts — like can your heart even handle this little quarter-zip?! — but I’d love to know where else you shop for your little ones!
  7. It’s September which means Teddy is almost two. 1) Rabbit rabbit (does anyone else say this on the first day of a new month?) and 2) any cute two-year-old birthday party ideas? We went apple picking with family for his first birthday but I truly haven’t thought about this year yet!
  8. Bathtime has become one of my favorite parts of the day. Maybe it’s because of the new bathroom, or because both kids are contained in one small space, or because I’m obsessed with the smell of our baby shampoo, or because I really think it does wonders to relax both our boys before bed? Glennon Doyle (are you sick of me talking about her yet?) has a podcast episode where she talks about chronos vs. kairos time with kids (did anyone else love this episode?) and bathtime is solid kairos time for me lately.

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  1. I went gluten free, light on dairy and drink lots of water (for other reasons), and I don’t get migraines anymore. Hope you find something that works for you:).

  2. I’ve always had migraines. When I was pregnant with my second I got an aura migraine once a week and now I get migraines about once a month. When pregnant and breastfeeding my OB recommended a regular coke – I swear for some reason this helps more than anything else – and a cold compress to the back of the neck. I took Advil or Tylenol if it got really bad.

  3. Hi, Mackenzie.

    I just read about the migraines you’ve been getting; I’m so sorry. Because I had been getting migraines a lot over the summer and think I now solved things naturally, I thought I’d share my experiences/knowledge.

    First, this is what I’ve noticed: When I’m dehydrated (which is often), I tend to get migraines. If I get my 8 cups of water in and drink some electrolytes (I like LMNT), then I don’t get migraines. I think hydration is partly key.

    Second—and this is probably the biggest change I’ve made that helps—is that I’ve cleaned up my diet. I stopped eating/drinking dairy. I cut out all grains and gluten. I cut out any food that was processed—had fillers and preservatives. I now check food labels regularly before purchasing an item. I search for simple ingredients that I recognize. For instance, I drink almond Malk as my milk substitute; it only has almonds, filtered water, and some salt in it. If I want chips, I only eat Siete because they have simple ingredients and are grain and gluten free. I didn’t get to this food journey alone; I started following Jen Smiley here on Instagram (user name: Wake Up And Read The Labels). She really taught me how to truly eat clean. I highly recommend following her and learning from her. You can find a lot of information on her Instagram feed, but she does offer food training and more access to her materials for a fee.

    Finally, here’s my theory on how food has an impact on migraines. I’d have to research peer-reviewed studies to confirm my thinking (I’m an English professor and a medical rhetoric researcher), but here it is: I believe when the body processes inflammatory foods, the body internally swells, putting more pressure on certain areas. I think this is what might prompt migraines—inflammation. I say this because I notice when I don’t eat clean, I get a migraine over my right eye. I think me slowly removing inflammatory foods has allowed me to see how my body reacts to these foods when I have them on occasion. Again, this is my theory, but I’m almost certain my thinking is logical and correct.

    I hope this all helps. I apologize for being so long-winded. Good luck on your migraine journey. I hope that you heal soon!


  4. Just love your candid thoughts about life so much! One fun idea we have done for kids’ (and adult) parties is a make-your-own-pizza bar + make-your-own-sundae bar for dessert. We throw pizzas on the grill (super yummy). It’s fun because you can do all the prep ahead of time and then everyone can custom create their own. Hope it’s fun, whatever you do!

  5. Also long time migraine sufferer and mine also started right after I had baby #2. After ten years of misery, finally got serious and saw a neurologist. There are really good prescription options and you have to try several – some work better than others. I now take eletriptan and if I wake up with a migraine that has taken hold I have the injection. I always have 2 pills in my wallet in case I feel the start of one. Take the medication EARLY – you can nip it in the bud. If you wait too long not much helps. I found that the amount of over the counter meds I took just made me feel crappy and didn’t get rid of migraine. American Migraine Foundation is a good site to learn more about these. The good but long term news is that for these hormone induced migraines – they really do reduce significantly after menopause! Still get a few but now I think they are triggered more by stress 😢. Good luck – you will thank yourself for getting on top of this.

  6. I echo everyone and sooooo understand how debilitating migraines can be. I’ve always had bad headaches in my life, but they got worse in my early 20s (I think with changes in hormones). Consistently taking magnesium has helped lessen the intensity of my migraines, and things like caffeine (tbh a regular coke is best), a dark room, something cold on your forehead, and peppermint oil rollers (I ALWAYS have this on hand — it’s incredible help lessen the pain.

    Honestly though, the only thing that has truly helped me in taking away the throbbing pain and nausea has been getting an Rx from my doctor. She prescribed Maxalt (rizatriptan) to me and I honestly cried after I took it the first time because it helped me so much. You can’t take it too much in a month, otherwise the efficacy will wear off, but regardless it is literally a LIFE SAVER for me. Highly recommend just biting the bullet and asking your doctor for a medication. Maxalt is BF friendly.

    Thinking of you and your family, especially your Grandy! Having her so close is so special, so I am happy you have this time with her! 🙂

  7. Thank you so much, Mackenzie and fellow readers, for clearing my brother’s wishlist! One less thing for him to worry about as he starts the new school year. <3 <3

    RE: Toddler boys clothes. I received a ton of preppy hand me downs (also off-season) but they are running out once the boys hit 2T and start getting messier and dirtier!! For winter/fall, corduroys and jeans from Old Navy & Janie and Jack (I find old navy better for my slim little guy); long sleeve tops and sweatpants (play clothes) from Gap/Gap Outlet, some cute Carters tees when I find them, button downs and sweaters from Ralph Lauren (these pair nicely with the cords/jeans from ON & J&J). As many Hanna jams as I can find for PJ's; A Columbia teddy bear one piece zip, Buckle Me Baby (car seat safe) 2T winter hooded coat, LL bean sweater fleece jacket (these last at least 2 seasons!), Snow stoppers gloves, and snow bib/pants. Will possibly add a pair of rain/snow boots too. I'm on the lookout for a cute corduroy baseball hat for fall and a winter hat, too. I shop about 20% new and 80% secondhand through Poshmark, ThredUp and local consignment stores for excellent used and NWT items. I like the 'hunt' but you can get lots of great bundles for play clothes that way. Side note, the Christian Robinson collection at Target has some of *the* cutest little things right now. I bought the PJ's and we love them!

  8. Fellow migraineur and breastfeeding mom here. Talk to your doctor about starting a magnesium supplement and riboflavin as preventatives – both are considered BF safe. For acute relief, I’ve had success with a self administered sphenopalatine block (lidocaine on a really long q-tip inserted into the nose, for lack of a better description). There are lots of other meds that are BF safe, so would definitely encourage a neurologist visit!

  9. Hi Mackenzie! I’m sorry to hear about your migraines. I’ve had them since my early teens so I can relate! A few years ago my doctor suggested magnesium. I try my very best to get it from food sources (nuts, seeds, avocados, legumes, leafy greens, salmon) but when I’m lacking or when I’m getting close to my period (when my headaches tend to occur) I take a supplement. I find this has significantly reduced the intensity of my migraines when I am consistent with magnesium intake. Prior to this I used to spend a day or two in darkness as that was the only thing that helped with the throbbing pain and nausea. I’m not sure this works for everybody so I suggest asking your doctor!

  10. Highly recommend acupuncture-usually provides almost instant relief. I got them while pregnant and didn’t want to take anything but that helped immensely.

  11. In my younger years i had horrid migraines, is it hormones? dehydration? stress? all can be a cause sounds like your plate has been full. also diet eating out or ]’prepare foods?
    chin up there is help make your own best choices for you and nursing the baby.
    good luck!

  12. For my son’s second birthday, we used a Noah’s Ark theme. Animals in pairs – perfect for a two-year-old little boy’s party!!

  13. I echo those who mentioned magnesium. You can take a magnesium
    Supplement when you get a migraine. It may also be a lack of potassium. If you can find Advil Migraine (in the red box) I believe it contains potassium. I also found that caffeine (usually
    A Regular coke) and sugar…like peanut m&m’s would help. And on the healthier side, tomato based foods would help- like tomato soup.

    Good luck!

  14. Hooray for a getaway! I need to take a cue from you and book something, too. Also, crewcuts tend to run small so maybe give them a try 🙂

  15. Migraines are the worst. I’ve had them for about 20 years and recently they became significantly worse. I found a great neurologist who specializes in migraines and I’m now getting Botox treatment every 3 months. My migraines have gone away and for break through I take Ubrelvy which eliminates those. Huge improvement in my life

  16. A fellow teacher colleague of mine used to eat a banana a day to keep migraines away…………….it worked!

  17. So sorry to hear that you suffer from migraines! I’m also a migraine sufferer and I find regular deep tissue massage to be helpful in keeping mine at bay, as tension in my back and neck tends to trigger my headaches.

  18. I was so thrilled to read about your Grandy. Thank you for sharing an update about how she’s doing! I hope she’s settling in to her new space and enjoying being closer to family.

  19. I was having a big problem with migraines, and it turned out they were a result of a magnesium deficiency. Maybe ask your doctor to check your levels?

  20. Sorry to hear about your migraines! Mine got significantly worse when I was pregnant with my third and then breastfeeding. My doctor recommended therapeutic massage, and it was immensely helpful! Obviously it’s hard to find the time, but it was the most effective thing for me and even better that it’s drug- free. Good luck!

  21. I started getting migraines after having a baby and it was from developing food intolerances to gluten and dairy that were causing inflammation. When I cut those out the migraines went away completely.

  22. I’ve had a lot of luck reducing migraines by reducing the triggers. For me, it’s not eating enough or drinking enough, managing stress poorly, and (most of all) an erratic sleep schedule. Once I stopped sleeping in dramatically later on the weekends compared with weekdays, I started feeling so much better. (Probably not your issue though!) It also helps me to take Advil the second I feel one coming on, before it gets out of control.

  23. I’m glad your Grandy is close by now, I hope she continues to do well (and what a relief that you can check in on her daily).

    I have unfortunately turned into a person who gets migraines this year too – only a couple so far but they’ve been totally debilitating. I don’t really have advice, but just here to say I feel you! I’m dealing with GERD right now and can’t take any NSAIDs or caffeine, so I also don’t have a way to treat them.

  24. I’m a firm believer in excedrin migraine or tension headache. I also have a prescription that comes in handy, so highly recc talking to your doctor. Migraines are so very personal and what RX works for me may not work well for you.

  25. Migraine suffer over here, although I am not breastfeeding so I can’t comment on that. But I have been regularly going for acupuncture for almost two years now and I’ve had such great results from it. I used to easily get 2-4 migraines a month and now maybe one every other month. It’s been so wonderful and I’ve also seen other benefits comes from it as well. I won’t lie, the 90 minutes I spend there is such a calming time that I didn’t realize I needed as well!

  26. Thank you for the update on Grandy. I’m sure you and your family will treasure having her close by.
    Re migraines: a friend’s son finds relief from Botox injections- perhaps worth trying although I don’t know if there is reason for concern while breast feeding.
    Take care

  27. I developed migraines during covid and one thing that helps me a lot is using a super cold ice pack on my temples, I keep a gel sleep mask in the freezer so it’s ready when I need it.

  28. I get severe, chronic migraines, so pregnancy and breastfeeding were a big challenge for me when my typical medications are off-limits. But herbal supplements (OB-GYN approved and supported enthusiastically) make the biggest difference for me with preventing migraines. My daily supplements are 600-800 mg of magnesium (even more while pregnant to compensate for skipping out on the other meds and because magnesium also has great benefits in preventing muscle aches and constipation… TMI but it’s such a common pregnancy problem so worth noting!), 300mg of CoQ10, and 1,000mg of Vitamin B12. Best of luck to you!

  29. ❤️ I got an ice helmet from Amazon and it brings a bit of relief when nothing else will. I’m so sorry you are dealing—they really are the worst! Tried to link but struggling—I have the purple one that comes up first if you search ice helmet migraine. Def recommend. Xx

  30. New mom also breastfeeding here, and longtime migraine sufferer! I find that Tylenol doesn’t help me at all with my migraines–Ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory so that works much much better for me. I also find (at least among the women in my family) that migraines can come from magnesium deficiency, and taking a nightly magnesium supplement has made a massive difference for me. Hope that helps in some way!

  31. Sigh migraines are the worst! I am still breastfeeding and get them so I feel you. Mine tend to start in my neck/back of my head, so I have found the ThermaCare neck heating pads help, especially when you can’t escape to a quiet/dark room wtih little ones all around. Hope yours start to get better!

  32. New migraine sufferer here! If I feel it coming on, this is what I do:
    – immediately take a CBD capsule and about 800 mg of ibuprofen.
    – massage CBD cream on my forehead. Dab CBD oil on top, and rub my Kansa wand on top of the aching areas.
    – drink a cup of coffee.
    – put on my massaging eye mask and play ocean sounds on low volume and rest – 20-60 minutes.

    I did it this morning, and it worked like a charm. Good luck babe!

  33. Regularly seeing a chiropractor has done wonders for my migraines! I started off a couple times a week and now I go every 2-4 weeks. I also have a prescription for immitrex and take it as needed if I feel one coming. Unsure if it’s safe with breastfeeding, but I rarely use it – maybe once a year.