Any time I wear a smocked dress from Hill House or Maxwell & Geraldine (which is often these days!), I get asked what kind of bra works with nap dresses and I wanted to share two that work for me! I think you can totally go without a bra under smocked dresses but after breastfeeding two babies, I personally feel more comfortable wearing a little something underneath. This bra has a scoop neck that works perfectly with the Ellie nap dress. If you’re wearing the Brooke or the Kate dress, this bandeau bra is my pick.

P.S. Hill House is launching their fall nap dresses today and it looks like the navy Ellie dress I’m wearing here will be restocked if you missed out on it last time! It is one of the most comfortable, flattering, and versatile dresses I’ve ever owned and it works for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.

skims bra to wear with nap dress

what bra to wear with nap dress

what bra can you wear with hill house nap dress

nap dress  //  scoop neck bra for nap dresses  //  pearl studs

P.S. More smocked dresses from the summer here, here, here, and here.

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  1. I’ve been struggling on finding a bra that works under my nap dress necklines. They all seem to show in the back for me, so thanks for the recommendation… I just ordered!

  2. Thanks for this! Didn’t think Hill House nap dresses could possibly be worth the hype until I bought one. So beautiful. Small details that really set them apart and make them more flattering. Glad I got some bra recommendations. For some reason bra-makers haven’t gotten the memo that I can’t wear a nursing bra that shows up to my collarbone if I also need to wear a top or dress that I can pull down to breastfeed??