Peter is five months old as of last Friday and I honestly feel like these months have gone by in such a blur. In my head he is still maybe two months old, ha! I think when it was just me and Teddy at home alone all day for those first few months, I had more time to really soak up every age and stage and now the same age with Peter is much more go-go-go and I really have to make a concentrated effort to slow down and try to commit things to memory if that makes any sense. I do love having these posts to look back on from each month, even if I’m usually a few days behind this go around. 🙈

Many of our happiest moments in the past month have been in our new backyard and I have to say, there are few things that bring me more joy than being in the pool with this baby. We have this rash guard swimsuit for him which is the cutest thing ever, but we’ll also strip him down for a spontaneous skinny dip and he’s just so content to hang with us in the water. (We usually take him in after 4 p.m. when the sun isn’t so intense, but this pool float has a built-in canopy that’s great for keeping him in the shade the rest of the day!)

personalized towel

I shared here that bathtime has become a favorite part of my day, but reading books with both boys in our bed is a close second when it happens! Will and Teddy have developed their own little bedtime routine that involves 6-7 books every night (I’m usually exhausted by that time of the night but I guess it works for both of them, haha) while I’m feeding Peter, but sometimes the stars align and they’re both happy to sit and read in our bed together. I’m excited for them to do more together as they get older — right now Teddy is 23 months and Peter is 5 and they don’t share many overlapping interests at the moment, but I do think that will change completely one of these days!

This light-up music bar is one of our most-loved toys with both boys now — proud to say I can hum each next song before it comes on because I know the order at this point. 😂 This music cube, this jumpscape, and this play mat also get a lot of love these days and are all things we’re reusing from the baby days with Teddy, but the best recent addition to our playroom is this striped play mat that’s cushioned, easy to wipe down, and perfect for tummy time, coloring, puzzles, etc. etc.!

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