1. Am I the last person to try this cult favorite makeup brand? Is this the set to order? Tell me everything! 😂
  2. And has anyone ordered a Pottery Barn vanity for their bathroom? Contemplating one for our next round of renovations!
  3. Have loved following along on Megan’s home build.
  4. Lots of TV show recs in this post.
  5. Loved reading about Jenn’s latest work trip to Finland (her agency planned this trip I got to go on back in 2017!).
  6. Need to implement these easy ways to keep your house clean.
  7. Taking notes on Kelly and Mitch’s tips for dining out with little ones.
  8. This $79 textured stripe sweater would make a cozy gift.


From Design Darling the past few weeks:

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  1. We just renovated two of our bathrooms and bought two PB “Moro double vanities”, one in navy and one in white. After waiting months due to supply chain issues and poor communication on their end, the white (which was a true white, not ivory) showed up completely damaged. It’s been a nightmare trying to get them to send us a new one (they mistakenly started to send us another navy one) and eventually we decided to cancel, which has also required multiple phone calls to customer service. The quality is great and I wish the white had worked out, but they’ve been terrible to work with and wouldn’t wish the headache on anyone! Also, not sure if this true of all their vanities but if you’re looking to get a double sink, check to make sure they sell a matching backsplash in the right size. For some reason, they don’t sell a 60inch backsplash for ours (only smaller sizes) and so we had to have one custom made from our contractor, another unanticipated headache!

  2. My parents have that PB vanity and while the online images and floor model in store is white, the ones they deliver now are more of an ivory. Not ideal if you were wanting a fresh white bathroom.