As a follow-up to yesterday’s gift ideas for babies, today I’m going to share a few things our two-year-old Teddy either already loves or would love to open this Christmas morning! If any of you have experience with balance bikes for toddlers, I’d love to hear whether your little one was ready at two or closer to three… still trying to decide what Teddy’s big gift will be this year! Would love to hear your favorite toddler gifts in the comments. 🙂

{Tender Leaf Toys wooden blender set, $49}

{Banwood balance bike, $189}

{Amazon toddler winter hat, $14 — good stocking stuffer!}

{Tender Leaf Toys greenhouse & garden set, $99}

{Parker Looks Up, $10}

{Saint James striped shirt, $45}

{Baghera ride-along, $150}

{Native shoes, $35}

{Etsy kitchen helper stool, $157}

{Crate & Kids blue stripe playhouse, $99}

{Wonder & Wise wood mini golf set, $59}

{Lake pajamas, $48}

{Pottery Barn Kids easel, $199}

{Melissa & Doug cleaning set, $21}

{Janie & Jack quilted jacket, $45}

{Olli Ella wicker wagon, $159}



{Janod doctor’s set, $33}

{Janie & Jack suede Chelsea boots, $72}



{Hape alphabet puzzle, $22}

{Banwood scooter, $156}

{Melissa & Doug jumbo giraffe, $108}

{Sperry boots, $69 — order one size up!}

{Kid Trax recycling truck, $200}

{Mouse Cookies & More, $21}

{Polo baseball cap, $25}

{Babymoov beach tent, $50}

{Weefarers children’s sunglasses, $25 — another good stocking stuffer!}

{Amazon fleece vest, $15}




{Plan Toys construction vehicles, $25}

{Hape first guitar, $40}

{Tender Leaf Toys pizza party set, $28}

{Bella Bliss crochet belt, $49more patterns here}

{Pottery Barn Kids tool box, $39}

{Roller Rabbit heart pajamas, $65}



{Casdon Dyson pretend vacuum, $30}



{Melissa & Doug block set, $50}


{Hunter rain boots, $58}

{Tender Leaf Toys wooden baking set, $55}

{Joules faux wax jacket, $85}

{The Tot foldable climbing triangle, $335}

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  1. When my daughter was little we got her a Plasma car. I looked and they still make them. It moves by them rocking their body back and forth. They can be used inside or out. She especially loved riding it on the smooth surface of a tennis court. 🙂 She absolutely loved that thing and rode it for years.

  2. We got our daughter a wishbone balance bike when she was one – it has three wheels so starts as a trike, then can convert to a proper balance bike. We took the third wheel off somewhere between 2-3 I believe, and she used it until getting a proper bike at 4.

  3. We got our little guy a Stryder balance bike for his second birthday this summer – I think it might have been a little too early as he hasn’t quite grasped how it works yet. He likes to walk it around using the handlebars, but we’re still trying to figure out the balance part 😂. The good news is it grows with them and can be used up to age 5 or 6 I believe. Every kid is different, so maybe Teddy is ready! Thanks for all of these ideas – I’ve been looking at kitchen helper stools and the one you shared here is beautiful!

    1. I second this. My 2 year old cannot use the balance bike. He’s more likely to be stuck beneath it or trip on it than straddle it correctly. He’s just starting to really get the hang of the micro scooter though and it’s been great fun to watch.