1. Bookmarking this recipe for the holidays.
  2. Congratulations to Liz on the launch of her jewelry collection!
  3. How pretty is the pattern on these throw pillows?
  4. Love this sequined midi dress from Jenn’s latest collection.
  5. Obsessed with my new gingham workout leggings.
  6. The best-selling item from my holiday gift guides so far.
  7. This exterior before and after made me excited to paint the outside of our house (hopefully next year!).
  8. What to read this month.


From Design Darling the past couple weeks:

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  1. Love the Cafe Designs item, #7.! Cafe Designs showcases several picture of Gil Schaefer’s work, which I adore. He is an architect and designer and if you haven’t already, you must check out his coffee table book “A Place to Call Home.” It is exquisite. It is my bible (if I had the money) and a fantastically inspirational and aspirational book.