1. A holiday-ready dress that’s as comfortable as it is cute.
  2. How dreamy is this home on Lake Michigan?
  3. Indoor hobbies to get you through winter.
  4. Just ordered a new pair of my favorite slippers.
  5. Loved this post on making others feel seen.
  6. Our new family room coffee table is now on sale!
  7. So related to Grace’s feelings about working out again.
  8. The 50 best shops in the world.
  9. These photos have me dying to visit the Greenbrier.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. You should definitely take the kids to the Greenbrier! We went for a few days last spring with a 3yo and a 1yo and it was great. We got a cottage so we could have a separate bedroom and not have to sit quietly in a dark hotel room after the kids go to sleep. We pretty much just went to the playground and the indoor pool, but it was still a nice getaway. Even though none of the restaurants are especially geared towards kids, everyone was super nice and understanding. Plus there’s always room service!