1. A really good deal on cashmere sweaters in a ton of colors.
  2. A wonderful way to give back to children in need this holiday season.
  3. Bookmarked these ten books on self-improvement.
  4. Congratulations to Venita on her new clothing collection!
  5. Love this for a $20 Secret Santa or stocking stuffer.
  6. Ooh I’m into this new cotton sweater.
  7. The best holiday movies to watch this season.
  8. What to read this month.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. Hi Mackenzie! As a somewhat of a Tolle enthusiast, I personally recommend reading “The Power of Now” before “A New Earth” if you do choose to dive into the Tolle world. It’s….quite the trip. Ha!

    But! I have another book rec for you related to parenting. Heather Lanier’s “Raising a Rare Girl” might be my favorite motherhood book ever. It really called me out on my abelism in a very necessary way. It is one of the most expansive, perspective-shifting books I’ve ever read. Recommend to everyone but especially to parents!

  2. The pill box is an amazing idea for a stocking stuffer – I did not realize I’d be taking so many meds at 29 and it would be SO helpful to have a way to keep track of whether I’ve taken them all each day! Maybe not the sexiest gift but super super practical. Haha