Hi, friends! I’m back from two full weeks off and let’s just say it wasn’t exactly the relaxing break I was hoping for as we spent them with a household full of positive Covid tests. 🙁 Thankfully we were all vaccinated and boosted and all had mild symptoms (including Teddy and Peter, thank goodness!) but I know I’m not the only one who’s really ready for a light at the end of this tunnel. Things can only go up from here, right? Right?!?!

Before we jump into all things 2022, I wanted to take a look back and reflect on the most popular blog posts from the previous year. I have a tendency to check the box on recently accomplished goals and quickly move onto the next “to do” without celebrating little wins along the way (anyone else wired this way?) but I’ve been inspired by many other bloggers over the years to actually stop and reflect on the last twelve months and be reminded of how far we’ve come.

Having two kids under two this past year left significantly less time — and energy! — to create content for both my blog and Instagram and while I’m eager to put some new systems in place to get back to a more creative headspace this coming year, it’s also really nice to look back on the year that was and remember that some big things still happened around here too. Maybe some of you will be encouraged to do the same vis-à-vis your own personal and professional endeavors!


Peter's birth story

Peter’s birth story was the most popular post and of course my favorite moment of the year!

This little guy has been such a bright light in our family and he is truly the smiliest baby I’ve ever met. He will be nine months old next week. And it has been the greatest relief to have him home, healthy, and happy after those initial days in the NICU.

ultimate baby essentials list - THE MOST POPULAR POSTS FROM 2021

My ultimate baby essentials list was the second most popular post of the year. And I’m so happy it’s been helpful to so many new moms!

I found navigating the world of baby products during my pregnancy with Teddy so overwhelming. And I feel like we’ve really honed in on our must-haves after having Peter.

backyard before and after - THE MOST POPULAR POSTS FROM 2021

Our backyard before and after was the third most popular post of the year.

And if I’m being honest also far and away the most exhausting home project we’ve tackled to date. I can’t wait to have a full spring and summer season to really enjoy it this coming year!

hall bathroom

Our hall bathroom was completed days before Peter made his early arrival and has been the site for many baby bathtimes since!

It’s crazy to look back on the before pictures in this post.

trimester recaps of my pregnancy

My first, second, and third trimester recaps of my pregnancy with Peter were all popular posts from the year!

I’ll always treasure this photo of Teddy kissing my bump.

before and after home tour - THE MOST POPULAR POSTS FROM 2021

This before and after home tour with all our projects from our first year and a half in this house is such a happy reminder for me of how much we’ve gotten done.

I have a tendency to focus on how much we still hope to do and it’s important to remember where we started!

Teddy's new bedroom

I honestly completely forgot that Teddy’s new bedroom was a 2021 project until I went through the analytics to write this post!

pregnancy photo

It’s also a little wild to remember that I didn’t own any nap dresses at this start of this year.

This post on my first two brought me back!

Building out our closet - THE MOST POPULAR POSTS FROM 2021

Building out our closet was technically a 2020 project that didn’t make the blog until 2021. But it made the list nevertheless!

little life update

This little life update was an unexpected hit but it’s one that I’ve actually referred back to myself several times. Because of all the helpful migraine remedies shared in the comments!

what's in my hospital bag

This list of what was in my hospital bag the second time around was a popular post. And one I’m very happy I had time to publish before Peter arrived almost three weeks before his due date.

Whew! 2021 was quite the year — some very high highs and honestly some pretty low lows. I imagine I’m not the only one who’s feeling more than ready for a fresh start! Happy New Year to each and every one of you and THANK YOU so much for reading! xx

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  1. Happy New Year, Mackenzie! Catching up on your blog today and remembering how much I appreciate your voice as a mom (and a chic one at that)!

  2. Hi
    We love the blue and white wallpaper in the white bathroom and the light fixture in the kitchen, can you please share the manufacturer
    Thank you

  3. Peter is just such a beautiful little guy! Thank goodness your covid was mild but sorry it changed your holiday plans. Best wishes for 2022!

  4. It was a Covid Christmas here too for everyone but me. Somehow I abstained. 😬 Glad to be done and glad you’re all doing better!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about the COVID cases in your family, that’s very scary. Very relieved that they were mild, and hope you’re all doing better now! <3

  6. As I said on Insta, I’m so sorry that you all have been hit with COVID, but am grateful it was only a mild case!! Fingers crossed everyone is on the mend soon with no long-term effects! Happy New Year! XO