I haven’t gone into details about the next round of house projects we’ll be tackling in 2022 but one big project is remodeling our primary bathroom. I’ll give a tour on Instagram stories at some point, but we’re relocating a window to make the exterior of our house more symmetrical, which then involves relocating the vanity, which then led to admitting that we eventually wanted to replace the wood floor with tile so it makes the most sense to do it all at once and minimize the amount of time we’re showering in the hall bathroom.

Oh and this will make much more sense in a video format on my story, but our primary bathroom is actually connected to a guest bathroom through a small laundry room and since the same window/flooring dilemmas exist in those spaces as well, we’ll be tackling it all in one fell swoop. And then we’ll finally be out of bathrooms to renovate in this house and we can all live happily ever after. 🙂

Anyway! Much more on all that to come, but the point of today’s post is to show you 1) the prettiest faucet I’ve ever seen and 2) the way less expensive version I found for our primary bathroom.

The Prettiest Bathroom Faucet + How to Get the Look for Less

I knew I wanted to do a taller gooseneck style faucet and fell in love with the look of this one:

perrin and rowe georgian era widespread bathroom faucet look for less

This is Perrin & Rowe’s Georgian Era widespread bathroom faucet.

And maybe I’m the only one, but I think it’s practically a work of art. Or at least a piece of fine jewelry? The shape reminds me of an elegant salt and pepper grinder (something like this?) and I completely understand why someone would splurge on it for their primary bathroom.

But it’s around $1,500 in the polished nickel finish and we’d need two of them and I’ve already picked out a splurge-worthy floor tile that I shared on Instagram and a very honest salesperson told us you have to be pretty careful about how you clean it because Perrin & Rowe’s polished nickel isn’t the most durable finish — and well, if I’m spending $3,000 on faucets I don’t want to then have to stress about keeping them in pristine condition.

That said, if you’re planning a high-end renovation and you’re willing to do whatever is required to keep it looking new, I truly think it’s the most beautiful faucet I’ve ever seen. But for our purposes/budget/sanity, I set to work finding a way to get a similar look for less.

kingston brass english classic fauceture widespread bathroom faucet polished nickel

Enter the Kingston Brass English Classic widespread bathroom faucet.

We looked at a number of similar styles in person (this Moen style was also a serious contender, but I actually like the less expensive one better!) but ultimately I took a chance and ordered two of these very affordable faucets on Wayfair and held my breath to wait and see how they looked in person. Now they’re certainly not identical, but for $215 each (and therefore over $2,500 “saved”) I was willing to tolerate some differences.

I will say the difference in color is more a result of product photography and they are both a light, bright polished nickel (a warmer tone in the silver family) in person so the biggest difference I notice is really in the overall height of the faucet — the expensive one is 8″ tall and the affordable one is only 6″. But given the faucet we used in our powder room and our hall bathroom is less than 3″ tall, the 6″ version still feels quite substantial and I think it will give us a similar look without spending a small fortune on one tiny detail of a pretty big project.

I know bathroom faucets aren’t the most exciting topic and might not be relevant to most of you, but believe it or not I do get questions about how I’ve chosen fixtures for our kitchen, powder room, and hall bathroom so I might pepper in a few posts like this here and there as we make various decisions. I’ll report back if we have any issues once they’re installed in a few months (it has 4.8 stars across 47 reviews so I’m not super worried!) but I thought I’d share now for anyone else who’s embarking on a similar project this year!

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  1. I am with you, I absolutely love polished nickel. I used the same “dupe” faucet from Wayfair in my last house and loved it. Made it so easy to wash my hands and face. Also, be sure to keep Restoration Hardware faucets, etc. on your radar. I used some from there in my last house as well and really liked them too. More affordable than Waterworks and all of the other designer brands.

  2. So we had that P & R faucet in our master bath. It did look great. Note – a less sophisticated plumber (ours) had considerable trouble with the install directions. One thing about the 8″: tall faucet is that it is tough to get in there to wash your face…the faucet is in the way. I think the 6″ rise of the one you picked will help with that issue. It all looks beautiful Kenzie.

  3. We moved into our house less than 18 months ago after a full gut job. I can confirm the polished nickel P&R faucet I splurged on for the powder room looks pretty bad. Granted, it’s well used, but the finish has not worn well-the water spots do not go away when cleaned/buffed. You’re right to go in a different direction.