Now that you know more about our next big house project for 2022, I thought I’d share one of my first decorating decisions for the guest bathroom: finding an affordable double vanity! While we’re planning to splurge on custom cabinetry and countertops in our primary bathroom, it’s so much more affordable to opt for a pre-made double vanity in our guest bathroom, especially since it’s not a space we’ll be using every day. The pre-made double vanities below all come fully assembled and include both countertops and sink basins, plus it’s easy to swap out the drawer pulls if they’re not your preferred style or finish. (You can see a pre-made single vanity we used in my parents’ loft bathroom here!) I plan on sticking with a 72″ double vanity so two people can use the bathroom simultaneously and am looking for a pretty, classic design that will also provide ample storage space for cleaning supplies and extra toiletries. I think I might have scrolled through a hundred pages on Wayfair before narrowing it down to these five styles that are attractive, functional, and budget-friendly!


affordable double vanities on wayfair

1. Three Posts Merrimack 72″ double bathroom vanity

I love the substantial look and ogee edge marble countertops on this option that’s perfect for a more traditional home.

affordable double vanities on wayfair

2. Charlton Home Clothilde 72″ double bathroom vanity

I love the legs on this double vanity that almost looks more like a chic credenza than a bathroom fixture.

affordable double vanities on wayfair

3. Alcott Hill Kylan 72″ double bathroom vanity

I worry the cabinet detail might be a little too busy for our particular project with the basketweave tile I’ve picked out, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful!

affordable double vanities on wayfair

4. Lark Manor Aguilera 72″ double bathroom vanity

If you’re like me and prefer drawers to cabinet doors, this double vanity has nine of them (!) that would make bathroom organization a breeze.

affordable double vanities on wayfair

5. Birch Lane Alfreda 72″ double bathroom vanity

I think this curved silhouette is a little more formal than I was planning on for our guest bathroom but again I think it’s absolutely stunning and looks so much more expensive than it is!

What do you think of these five choices? Do you have a favorite? I think I’m leaning towards #2 but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. If you’re looking for an affordable single vanity, I love the lines on this one!

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  1. I just bought a home that has #2 in the primary bath. It is amazing and so well made. It holds so much. I really love it.

  2. I agree with you! Number 2 is classic with simple lines. Seems to fit in beautifully with the rest of your lovely home!

  3. We are planning to redo our kids’ bathroom in the near future, and I love seeing your ideas! They’re so helpful when planning what we want! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Mackenzie, Thanks for sharing your journey and process with us! I am living vicariously through you while I save my pretty pennies for a future home one day. These are all gorgeous! I do see one distinction though. In our apartment, our vanity is not solid wood so the painted “finish” is peeling off and the edges are starting to show signs of wear because of the steamy/humid bathroom environment. This has made me think that in a future bathroom I would want a solid wood vanity vs MDF. Options 1, 3, & 4 appear to have a solid wood frame while options 2 & 5 appear to be a mix of MDF and wood. You probably wouldn’t have the issues we have in a guest bath that doesn’t get used much, but if you plan to use it often or host often this may be something to consider. Either way, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  5. All good picks, but I also esp. like #2 as a classic option. Better clearance under for cleaning and I prefer oval to rectangle sinks. #4 with extra drawers is also appealing but then sinks seem closer together. #3 is also fun and unique. #1 looks substantial and classic too. Hard choice!

  6. My favorite look is number 1 but I also really like number 2. I think from a cleaning standpoint, number 2 will allow you to clean under the cabinet more easily as it has more clearance to get to the dust bunnies.

  7. I think #2 is the prettiest, but it looks like those two wide drawers don’t actually open. That would make me lean toward #1 or #4 for maximum storage!

    1. You would think those top drawers would be tip-outs for storing toothpaste and toothbrushes. All of our bathroom vanities have that feature. Otherwise, why put a knob there?