I love a good TED talk but today I wanted to share a few recent gems from our two-year-old son Teddy. He is talking nonstop these days and cracks us all up on the daily, so I started jotting down some of his one-liners for my own memory and thought I’d share a few with all of you because they’re so sweet! I hope it brings a little smile to your face. 🙂

teddy talks

winter hat  //  down jacket  //  mittens  //  snow boots

I went to Teddy’s classroom to be the “mystery reader” in December and read a book about the North Pole. Teddy pointed to one of Santa’s elves and burst out, “Who’s that little fellow?!”

– – –

He’s pretty cooperative about wearing whatever I pick out for him, except when it comes to his shoes — he often wants to wear rain boots when it’s not raining, etc. The past two months have been full of “no, Mommy, need my cozy boots!” referring to this pair that I’m pretty sure he would sleep in if we let him.

– – –

One day when I asked if he wanted help getting into his kitchen stand, he told me, “I do it all by yourself.”

– – –

“Baby crying! Baby need a Cheez-It!” (He would subsist entirely on these white cheddar Cheez-Its if given the choice.)

– – –

The bedtime routine has gotten longer by the day and now involves lots of singing after reading and cuddling: “Mama, sing me a song. No, not that one!”

– – –

The other day we were reading a book about a fireman and I asked, “Teddy, what do you think you want to be when you grow up?” And he responded confidently, “A watering can.”

– – –

Before bed one night: “Mama, Dada, come cuddle.” Once we’re all squeezed into one of the twin beds in his room: “Ahhh. I’m all together now.”

– – –

This week he came home from school with new art projects and I held one up and asked, “Wow, Teddy, who made this?” and he told me, “Jackson, maybe.”

– – –

Two nights ago, we were cuddled up in his bed before I put him in his crib and all of a sudden he said, “Mommy, get your hair off my giant head!” No idea where he got that but I’ve been laughing about it ever since.

– – –

Have your kids said anything funny recently? I’d love to hear in the comments! 💙

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  1. Hahaha I was a nanny on the Vineyard and my little 4 year old would constantly come up with gems: “umm miss Becca? If candles melt when they’re hot, shouldn’t they grow when they’re cold?” Or “Hey Miss Becca. What’s infinity minus one?” But the best was when he had a friend over and they said “wow your house is huge!” To which he replied “yeah, Grandpa’s rich” 😂

  2. My 3yo nephew when he was told it’s time to go to bed: “I can’t! I’m trying to make a living!” as she sprayed the inside of the bathtub with a spray bottle filled with water. He has a hard job, apparently. 😂

  3. Love these!! Especially “little fellow.” When my oldest was almost 3, we were watching a lot of Lakefront Bargain Hunt. One day, she walked into our bedroom and said, “Ooooooh this must be the master!” I died.

  4. My six year-old niece asked my mom when she could come see me (we live about 3 hours apart).
    My mom: “When it gets warmer, and when Covid goes away.”
    My niece: “Where will Covid go? I hope far away, like Antarctica. No, I don’t want the penguins to get it either!”

  5. Cuuuute! I love this! I had hand me down pink rain boots from my cousin that I named my King Friday boots (from Mister Rogers) and had similar feelings to Teddy haha. My mom says I tried to wear them in the bath!!

  6. LOVE this post and LOVE that you keep a record.. you will treasure it forever <3 My most favorite is "I'm all together now.." yes, indeed.. I hope he always has that outlook…..

    and ps- I also kept track of my own children's… one of my favorites was when my daughter would play pretend and pretend to be a news reporter named "Theresa"…..when I asked for her last name, she replied "I'm Theresa, back to you."

  7. Okay, so fun fact about kid art: My mom is a preschool teacher and told me that it’s not uncommon for projects to get mixed up and go home to the wrong parents. She also has a co-worker who uses one kid’s hand for all the handprint art because she’s the only one who doesn’t wriggle around!! Although I’m someone who’s very sentimental about kid art, I honestly respect it—whatever they’ve gotta do to get through the day, I’m in support of.

  8. So cute! Also, I—like Teddy—could live off of white cheddar Cheez-Its too. Probably slightly more concerning for a late-30s woman than a two-year-old boy, ha! 😉

  9. My 4 year-old nephew, the most recent time he had to get a COVID test to return to preschool (ugh!), said: “mommy please be gentle with my beautiful nose!” 😭