WEEKEND READING 3.12 | kitchen counter stools

*the counter stools in our kitchen are 20% off right now!


  1. 20 ideas for romanticizing your everyday.
  2. Does anyone have this for traveling with their toddler? Would love your thoughts!
  3. How fun is Grace’s Charleston apartment?
  4. I always love seeing how other people organize their to do lists!
  5. Inspired by this fridge organization.
  6. Loved this interview with my friend Sam.
  7. Loved this motherhood mantra.
  8. More ways to help the people of Ukraine.
  9. Our coffee table is on major sale right now!
  10. Such a cute chambray top.
  11. These thoughts on Instagram really resonated with me.


From Design Darling the past couple weeks:

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  1. We have and LOVE the WAYB Pico. We’re an airline family and I was literally counting the days until we felt comfortable forward facing my kiddo because OMG it is amazing. We started using it when my daughter was 33 months for travel. She still rear faces at home. It is super lightweight and the backpack can sit on a carry on suitcase. It’s easy to install and the low profile is really nice – still leaves room in the backseat for other people! I would 100% buy again. I hate the time period between infant seat and forward facing when we had to drag a convertible seat around.

    Negatives – the straps at neck height dig in a bit, and we found using the pads that came with it made it too difficult to get a good fit. If your kiddo is short, the straps might sit in a funny place. Also, it’s actually not very big – my kiddo is a 90th percentile 3 year old and she will probably only fit sitting height for another year. Which is sad. But like I said, so worth it for right now.

    Overall, if you travel a lot, it’s the best. We’ll even buy a second when our twins are ready for it…

  2. Yes! We have the wayb travel car seat. I’m so glad I purchased it, although since pandemic, it hasn’t gotten a ton of use. We did a trip from PHL to SEA when my daughter was 14 months and not in her own seat – never again. The seat makes little ones feel like they are in a car, rather than in a space that it’s ok to roam around. It’s safer than just sitting in a seat and keeps them contained. If out of the infant stages, we now always purchase their own seat, regardless if under 2. The wayb is light, foldable, and easily used in rental cars, transport vans, shuttles, taxis etc. That same trip to Seattle, I specifically requested an infant car seat from the car service and received a booster seat. It was a frightening ride but won’t have to worry about that situation going forward. My daughter will be 4 and fine in a regular seat, but my little guy, almost 20 months will be using it soon!

  3. We have the Wayb Pico and it worked really well for us with our toddler who is about Teddy’s age. We’ve used it both on the airplane and then in the car. Really light weight, easily collapsible and our toddler liked the change of facing forward, but we still felt safe with her in it. The only downside is the seat is a little hard, but not a problem for shorter domestic flights.