If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve started stitching a needlepoint Christmas stocking for Teddy! I’m so excited about this new project and love having a reason to stay off my phone before bed. The canvas is by Bauble Stockings (which also sells some of their designs already needlepointed if you’d rather not DIY!) and I purchased it through KC Needlepoint. I’d been looking for needlepoint stocking canvases forever but felt like I kept seeing the same things over and over until I landed on this site and fell in love with just about everything. I’ve already ordered this one to stitch next for Peter!

bauble stockings needlepoint christmas stocking canvas on design darling

Any fellow needlepointers reading? What are you stitching these days?

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  1. How special! I love the one you’ve chosen. I had a canvas made to replicate the stocking my grandmother stitched for me for my son Brooks and daughter Caroline.

  2. I love those stockings! I’m currently stitching an ornament and a large canvas that will be a pillow and trying to help a friend by stitching a belt for her. All my canvases are from my local needlepoint shop- The Picket Fence in Rhode Island, they’re the best!

  3. If you are thinking about needlepoint … not sure … try watching” pointing it out on .” . you -tube each week they talk needlepoint . Each own wonderful needlework stores offering wonderful canvas , threads the works all you need .. there are groups that meet and stitch ,if you are lucky enough to have a local needlepoint shop in your reach .. go for it .. they offer classes ,retreats ,some have weekly groups ,if not join a zoom group . It’s all very relaxing ,stimulating when you find the next canvas challenge .

  4. I have done needlepoint in the past, but I have been knitting for the last number of years. I have made a few knitted Christmas stockings.
    Your stockings are wonderful patterns.

  5. I love Teddy’s stocking! I’m working on one right now for my nephew and I found it to be sort of unwieldy until a lovely woman at my LNS suggested scroll bars. They have been such a game changer-I’m so much faster when I’m not trying to navigate the whole giant canvas. I know not everyone likes them but they’ve been super helpful for me.

  6. Aww, how beautiful! I needlepointed a Goodnight Moon stocking for my son over two years and finally finished JUST before Christmas! I’m working on a few smaller things now, including an ornament and a matchbox cover I’m going to have finished into a case for matches!

  7. Hi! These canvases are gorgeous and are inspiring me to start on one for my little boy! Do you prefer wool or silk fiber? Thanks!