My mom and I have both collected seashells for as long as I can remember, always bringing home one or two from a week on Nantucket or a trip to see Grandy in Florida. When we were growing up, my mom would display shells in clear hurricanes, sometimes surrounding a pillar candle and other times on their own. In our previous rental, I filled a clear lamp with seashells and displayed it on the desk where I worked. And today I’m sharing one other simple idea for displaying shells at home: in a pretty silver bowl on top of a stack of books.

In a perfect world, I’d keep this bowl of shells and stack of books on the upholstered ottoman in our living room, but with Peter very much on the move and eager to put many things in his mouth, it’s usually on top of the dresser on the far side of the room. I love that it’s a slightly elevated way to showcase a simple collection. I’d love to hear how you display shells in your home!


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  1. I haven’t been to the Beach in quite some time since All that’s going on with Covid. But when my Kids were little, We collected the big shells and I still have one sitting in my Bathroom. Now when my Grandchildren are here, the Youngest used to pick it up to listen for the Waves.

  2. We have a beach house that we rent out for most of the summer. This year I wanted to place a bowl on the dining room table, or somewhere, with a few shells that I have collected. I want the families that rent from us to also place a few interesting shells in the bowl that they found on the beach. Do I put a note in the bowl to encourage people to place shells in the bowl or will people just add shells on their own???

  3. You inspired me to get a fillable lamp for shells (and memorable wine corks…as I accumulate more of both I plan to get another lamp:-) I keep it on my desk and it looks fabulous and always makes me smile.

      1. I also have a 2nd. home that we bought from my Parents and my Mom left Me a Lamp filled with Seashells.

  4. Love this idea! I have shells on shelves, in my China cabinet, in mason jars, large glass bowls and around a candle on a glass plate but hadn’t thought of a silver bowl! Love it!

  5. A neighborhood store inspired me to use tiny shells as the rooting material for our winter paperweights, and I’ve never been more delighted by a simple change (check out Pod in Cambridge MA – their Instagram has photos!)

  6. Such a cute idea! No shells in my DC apartment yet, but my parents just leave a couple of large shells on the bathroom counter (bookending a tissue box) as accents. Haha