Last week I shared the process of organizing our kitchen cabinets and drawers and today I have photos and tips for organizing a pantry! Meredith and her team at House of Prim really worked their magic on this space — it went from being an eyesore opposite our powder room to being an aesthetically pleasing, beautifully organized space that works for our family. I can’t wait to hear what you think!


pantry organization before and after

organizing pantry before and after

1. First, take everything out.

I couldn’t believe how many expired food items were hidden away in baskets! Taking everything out is a great way to take stock of what you have and to create new groupings for like items — think baby food, coffee pods, dog treats, first aid kit items, party supplies, water bottles, etc.!

organized pantry before photo

organized pantry before and after

OXO Good Grips 4.5 Qt. POP Cereal Dispenser in pantry

2. Use clear containers where possible and decant, decant, decant!

Meredith and her team are big fans of “decanting” your dry food items into clear containers so you can always see exactly how much you have and how much you need to replace. These clear dispensers are great for cereal and snacks that come in large, unsightly boxes and make pouring a breeze!

OXO Good Grips POP Square Canisters in pantry

OXO Good Grips POP Square Canisters for pasta

OXO Good Grips POP Square Canisters organizing pasta in pantry

3. Use acrylic tubs and tape any cooking instructions to the bottom of each container.

We used larger sizes of these acrylic canisters for grains and pasta and smaller versions for nuts and salad toppings like dried cranberries. This variety pack is a great place to start if you’re not sure exactly what you need!

tips for organizing a pantry design darling

how to organize baby pouches in pantry

4. Place your most reached for items at eye level.

I’m sure this sounds obvious, but somehow my previous system had our everyday cereals and snacks off to the side on the second highest shelf and it’s so nice to be able to pop in and grab a baby pouch out of one of these acrylic bins without rummaging through a giant basket of all our baby and toddler stuff.

the home edit all-purpose bin for organizing coffee in pantry

the home edit stacking pantry bin for organizing snacks

the home edit organizer bins in pantry

5. For items you repeatedly purchase, place smaller bin organizers within larger bins.

Instead of just emptying a full box of the Cerebelly bars we keep on hand for the boys into an acrylic bin, Meredith ordered smaller acrylic bin organizers like these, these, these, and these to further divide the larger bin, separate the different flavors, and again make it easy for us to see exactly how many we have on hand.

acrylic turntable for organizing oils in pantry

6. Use acrylic turntables for condiments, dressings, sauces, and spreads.

Meredith placed several of these acrylic turntables throughout our pantry and they’re a great way to maximize space and still be able to see everything you have. You’ll never have to rummage through a bin or basket looking for balsamic vinegar again!

the home edit 3-tier shelf for canned food in pantry

oxo good grips pop square canisters

7. Use acrylic risers to maximize vertical shelf space.

This expandable three-tier shelf is perfect for tomato sauce and cans of soup and this acrylic riser gave us twice as much storage and visibility for small acrylic tubs.

mdesign Modern Plastic Stackable Water Bottle Holder Stand Bin

8. Use stackable bottle holders to organize reusable water bottles.

first aid kit organization

first aid kit bins in pantry

kids' first aid kit bin in pantry

9. Create a first floor first aid kit in your pantry with separate bins for adult and children medications.

Meredith stacked four of these acrylic bins and then smaller bin organizers really come in handy for items like bandaids, medicine cups, and thermometers!

acrylic bin for pet supplies

large acrylic bin for cleaning supplies

tips for organizing pantry

10. Reserve larger bins for categories like backstock of most used items, cleaning supplies, and anything pet-related.

Meredith used these large acrylic bins for items on the second shelf, these taller acrylic bins for items on the floor, and these white plastic tubs for large items like grill utensils and boxes of trash bags or less frequently used groupings like paper plates and napkins, party supplies, and seasonal items.

Thank you again to the team at House of Prim for bringing this project across the finish line! The end result is more beautiful and more functional than I thought possible in a house with young kids and I can’t describe how happy and *sane* this level of organization makes me feel. I’ll link the key products Meredith used below!

products for organizing pantry

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six

seven  //  eight  //  nine

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*photos by Julia Dags


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  1. Please share the specifics (size, font, price) for the white letter labels used for all the containers. (Hoping they can be scaled to personal preference!) Thanks.