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  1. 20% off these Jack Rogers? Yes please!
  2. Bookmarked these five book recommendations.
  3. Can’t get over how affordable these scalloped lacquer trays are!
  4. Excited to try this margarita recipe after this pregnancy.
  5. The 20 top things to do in NYC with kids in May.
  6. These outdoor pillows shipped in one day (!) and look so pretty in our backyard.
  7. Two hacks for better fitting shoes.
  8. Ways to get out of a funk.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. I mean this in the nicest of ways — but every time I see this photo I think you need to re-align those lights to be lined up with the dividers for the storage boxes – so three on one side, and one of the other. I know you’ve mentioned this before…. those are nice fixtures — sell them and take the money to do the moving of fixtures….zero guilt!