I know I haven’t been sharing as much pregnancy content this time around (outside of lots of outfit posts, which I hope are helpful to anyone else who’s expecting this time of year!) but I would say the general takeaway is this pregnancy has been easier than my first and harder than my second. I’m still taking nausea medication and throwing up from time to time, which is better than I had it with Teddy and worse than it was with Peter, so it really is all relative. Most days I’m just pretty tired and then feeling guilty for feeling tired — being pregnant with two busy toddlers who are still at the age where they want to be picked up a good amount definitely keeps me on my toes. Even with an incredibly helpful support system at home, I’m often ready to crash into bed just after our boys fall asleep most nights. I do think the real bonus of this pregnancy is that I’ve been infinitely less consumed by any late night google searches or stressing about labor, life with a newborn, etc. We’re wrapping up two bathroom renovations at the house and finalizing plans for a pretty action-packed summer, so this pregnancy honestly just hasn’t been as all-consuming as my first two if that makes any sense! I know his due date will be here before we know it and then we’ll be adjusting to a whole new level of love and craziness. 🙂

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It’s also been really fun that Teddy is old enough to have a vague idea of what’s coming — he’ll be almost three when the baby arrives and it’s been a really different experience compared to him being a year and a half when Peter was born. We’ve been reading books about the new baby’s arrival and he’s informed us that he’ll be helping with both bottle feeds and diaper changes so it’s amazing what a difference eighteen months can make. 😉

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There is of course much we need to do to prepare for baby #3’s arrival and I honestly don’t have answers yet to a lot of our outstanding questions at this point. Do we transition our oldest to a twin bed even though he shows no interest in climbing out of his crib, just so we don’t have to procure a third crib which feels a little over-the-top? Do we have Teddy and Peter start to share a room and, if so, do we move both of them into the larger guest bedroom across the hall rather than squeezing both of them (and another dresser) into the smaller bedroom Teddy’s in now? How would that work while they’re both still napping? If you’ve had three under three or similar, I’d love to hear how you navigated all the new transitions! And mostly I just want to say thank you for being here as our family navigates all these new chapters as well — it is such a joy to connect with so many of you in a similar phase of life and I don’t know how I got so lucky but I’m truly grateful for each and every one of you!

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  1. Even in a house that has enough bedrooms to accommodate, we’ve had our kids share bedrooms. The bond it’s given them is amazing. Very surprisingly they don’t wake each other up when they get up, cry in the night, etc. I would definitely encourage siblings to share rooms.

  2. We had 3 same ages apart as yours! 2 girls and then a boy – we had the new baby sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first few months and moved our first 2 in together to share a room. We converted our first crib to a toddler bed and had the other in a crib. It was the sweetest little room!! It only took about a week for them to adjust. They were so cute together and LOVED being together. They napped/went to bed at the same times and the older would tip toe out when she woke from a nap before her sister. They had – and still have! – the sweetest bond. I loved listening to them chattering on the monitor. They are now 11/12 and have their own rooms. They do often “spend the night” with each other. I still miss those precious days of sharing a room. I love your family updates and will be praying for many blessings as y’all add number three to your family 💙💙💙

  3. Put #3 in a pack and play/travel bassinet at first. Give it 6 months and Teddy will probably be hopping the crib. You can get an indoor stand for your Uppa Baby bassinet.

  4. I have three children relatively close together and we’ve only ever had one crib and we’ve had no issues with it impacting sleep. Both of my older children swapped well before three and we had a great transition. I love that they’ve all shared the crib and its such a dear piece of furniture to me. Whatever you decide will be great! As for switching the boys to the other room.. it’s hard to know the room sizing from photos but I’d say if they do the majority of playing in your playroom its not so much of an issue with shared room space. Best of luck, love following along! XO

  5. My oldest is 3Y4M and has started talking about getting her big girl bed. I have an 18M old (boy) and expecting our third (boy). My daughter has a huge room that also functions as our upstairs playroom. We bought a bunk bed that’s low with the hope that eventually both boys will share my daughters current room. I say get another crib! It definitely seems excessive and crazy (I’m about to buy my third recliner so I *know* how you feel) but I’d try to find something cheap just in case Teddy starts to transition earlier than expected! I am team don’t rush anything lol

  6. Congrats on baby 3! We have two little boys-4.5 and 2.5 and before their sister arrived 4 months ago, I had many of the same questions! I’m also team
    Crib forever-we moved my older son when he asked/said he was ready which was 3 years 10 months (!) and it went great-no issues at all. He also never tried to climb out so I think that worked in our favor.

    We now have boys sharing a room. I waited until 3 months after baby was born so it wasn’t too close to that transition. I’d say if you’re going to do it, either do it ASAP or wait a few months until after #3. Maybe use the summer as a trial run? If they share while on vaca, they can come home to share as well? I still keep the boys napping separately-we have a pack n play in our primary for our younger son-and I plan to do that until our oldest drops his nap. My husband thinks it’s overkill but I want to preserve their naps at all cost! They do great at night together. Definitely require some check-ins and reminders to keep it quiet but once they’re asleep they sleep hard all night. It’s so cute hearing them chat while they fall asleep/wake up and they sleep so hard overnight that even if one wakes up for some reason, the other one stays asleep.

    Woof that was a lot-but just know I was nervous for all of those transitions too and if I had known it would be so painless I would have done it even sooner. <3

  7. We are somewhat in the same boat on the bed issue…I have no answers but am very invested in following along to see what you decide to do! We are moving into a new house after we get through some major renovations (hopefully!) by September at which point my older son will be 2 yrs, 10 months. He shows absolutely zero interest in climbing out of his crib and I feel like it’s his sanctuary so I am hesitant to switch him to a twin bed on top of the big change of moving. To further complicate, the crib that was originally his has a toddler rail conversion kit, but the baby is in that crib and I think it would upset him even more to switch him to his brother’s crib, if that makes sense?!

    1. We are definitely in similar stages right now! I think I’m leaning towards team “keep them in the crib as long as they’re happy there” but I’ll share what we decide (probably like a week before I have this baby haha). I hope your renovation gets across the finish line smoothly!!

  8. Our boys shared a room until they were 12 and 10. It was fine. We had them as newborns in a basinette in our bedroom but the younger one started sleeping in his crib in their room at the point he could roll over (we started that process with naptime). Both gave up their afternoon naps fairly early but the shared room wasn’t the issue. What if for nap time, everyone had a different room and you continued to do evening bedtime together? Initially it will probably mean some long evenings but someone can sit on the floor in the doorway or the hallway every night to keep things mostly quiet. Honestly, it was a happy arrangement for us. I enjoyed sitting on the floor in the dark for 15-20 minutes after their story time and our kids are tightly bonded over a shared love of reading now (I still read bedtime stories to them at 14 and 12).

  9. I am team “buy another crib” forever and ever! You can get a relatively inexpensive one from Target or IKEA and they are not bad looking! Whatever you choose for any of these decisions will be the right choice for your family – you got this!