I’ve fallen in love with several Mille dresses over the past year or so (see here, here, and here!) and this smocked palm trellis dress is my latest must-have. I’m generally very picky about prints (I almost always prefer a gingham or a stripe to a floral, for instance) but there was something about this blue and green block print that spoke to me and I’m so glad I gave it a try! It’s also extremely lightweight so if you live somewhere very hot (or you’re pregnant over the summer months, ahem) it’s a great style to have hanging in your closet. I do find that their pieces run large and I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy size XS here. You can see more pieces in this print here!

P.S. In case you missed it, I shared more information about our new garden house in this post!

Mille Cate palm trellis dress

Mille Cate palm trellis dress

Mille Cate palm trellis dress

Mille Cate palm trellis dress  //  Celine sunglasses (similar)

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*photos by Julia Dags


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  1. Truly adorable dress and it looks fabulous on you. But I have to ask, $480 for a pair of sunglasses?

    1. Hi Shari! Totally understand that’s not a reasonable price point for everyone — I splurged on them seven or eight years ago and they’ve held up beautifully, plus I’ve never tired of the shape (which I can’t say for most other sunglasses I own) so for me they’ve been a worthwhile investment, but I do my best to showcase a wide variety of price points on my blog (particularly in the “what caught my eye this week” series, where several items usually come in under $50). We all have different comfort levels when it comes to discretionary spending (some spend $5,000+ on a designer handbag and I’d rather spend that on fabulous upholstery or wallpaper!) and I know I can’t be everything to everyone, but I hope you find there are other finds worth sticking around for! 🙂