Hello hello! I’m doing my best to unplug and savor these slow days at home with our newest little one, but I miss you guys and this space and just wanted to say hi! 


newborn baby tucked in | LIFE LATELY 9.20

striped onesie

Tucker is three weeks old today and I feel so much better than I did a couple short weeks ago.

(This post on new motherhood and postpartum recovery still rings true three years later!). He is an absolute love and I am soaking up every second of this short-lived newborn phase with him (I know not everyone loves this age but it is one of my favorites!). I know there will come a time where I’m antsy to get into more of a routine, but this is my first postpartum period where I haven’t put pressure on myself to get back to daily blog posts the following week and I have to say it’s been really nice to focus exclusively on our little family unit for a while. 

teddy first day of school

similar boxwood ball  //  similar planter  //  gingham backpack

polo shirt  //  ribbon belt  //  old Ralph Lauren pants  //  waterproof loafers

toddler in foam blocks playground

It’s been a big month for Teddy between welcoming a new baby brother, going back to school, starting soccer and tennis (!), and turning three next week (!!!).

Peter is in gymnastics classes a few mornings a week and generally too obsessed with books and trucks (ideally books with trucks!) to take much notice of his new sibling. 🙂

toddlers with soccer ball LIFE LATELY 9.20

Teddy’s rugby shirt  //  white shorts  //  soccer socks  //  navy sneakers

This time with each of them has been such a gift.

And even though the days can feel long and our nights are the opposite of restful, I feel so lucky to be living this chapter right now and I’m sincerely grateful to have a community that’s understanding of me taking me this break and still checking in on our little crew from time to time. I have so many more posts I want to write so I’m hoping to be back to more frequent posting next week — thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and talk more soon! 

P.S. Here’s an index of all my past posts on pregnancy, motherhood, babies, and toddlers! 

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  1. Congratulations on your newest family addition! What a beautiful, precious baby boy! Enjoy every single second of these slow days with your family. As you know, they pass by much too fast.

  2. Blog posting can wait all day long. Just enjoy your little babies. We know you have your hands full and need to grab some sleep whenever you can. We’ve all been there! 🙂

  3. So glad you are enjoying this time; it’s so special and unique. Soak it in and know we will be here when you are ready.

  4. Love seeing the updates and adorable pictures of your family – but take all the time off you need! Hope the rest of your postpartum recovery goes smoothly. And enjoy those newborn snuggles!