I’m so excited to share photos of our dining room today! This definitely feels like the most finished room in our house right now (I suppose our foyer is finished as well but I’m constantly tweaking little things in our living room!). It isn’t a big space but it’s light and bright and will be the perfect place to gather friends and family now that we have a few more dining chairs!

design darling birdcage chair and cb2 tayabas cane rattan chair

cb2 tayabas cane rattan chair in design darling dining room

quatrefoil mirror and custom table skirt in design darling dining room

A couple months ago I asked for your opinions on a variety of new chair options and your votes convinced me to go with these CB2 cane chairs that are now one of my most favorite pieces in our house. I bought the coordinating cushions and had them recovered in this fabric which is actually the same bright blue as the chaise in our living room!

cushions for cb2 tayabas cane rattan chair

cb2 tayabas cane rattan chair and dash & albert lexington rug

Funny story about the table and chairs… We’ve had this dining table for years and I never considered the possibility that the arms of our new chairs might not fit underneath the edge of the table. I shared the mishap on Instagram stories and one of you recommended adding plywood underneath the tabletop to lift it up a couple inches and thankfully my dad made it happen!

cb2 tayabas cane rattan chair in dining room

slim aarons sea drive print in dining room

You might remember that this rug was originally in our living room (see progress photos here) but we found something lighter and brighter for the living room and this one works perfectly in the already light and bright dining room. The birdcage chair is admittedly more decorative than useful in its current perch (though Rory frequently sits here and barks at passersby) but I recently reupholstered it and am so happy to have it somewhere I can see it every day!

katie kime birdcage chair in design darling dining room

design darling dining room with katie kime birdcage chair

We bought this bookshelf at the Wisteria store when we moved to Dallas and it will always remind me of our early days living together and slowly furnishing our first shared space. It looks like it’s no longer available on their site but I found similar and very affordable bookshelves here and here. 

design darling bookshelf in dining room

boxwood ball in sasha nicholas champagne bucket in design darling dining room

We recently switched the bar cart (which is actually a combination of this tray and this stand) and the skirted table on a whim and somehow it totally transformed the room. The mirrored bar cart picks up lots of light between the two big windows and the skirted table gave us a spot for a table lamp since this room has no overhead lighting. This room was labeled as the living room in the floor plans for the house but we decided to make it the dining room since we spend more time in the living room (which has a ceiling fixture and recessed lighting) and dinner parties look best in candlelight anyway. 😉

west elm mirrored bar cart in design darling dining room

quatrefoil mirror custom table skirt serena & lily small brighton table lamp in design darling dining room

design darling bar cart

We inadvertently wound up with four Slim Aarons prints in this room and my mom keeps telling me I need to branch out. 😬 At least we have the antique mirror she gave me when I first moved to New York to mix things up! I’ve had this mirror in every apartment and house I’ve lived in since college and it just adds a little architectural interest to any room it’s in. She found it at a local shop but you can get a similar look with this or this!

serena & lily stafford candlesticks on pottery barn water hyacinth tray

wedgwood nantucket china in design darling dining room

I tried to link as much as possible below but let me know if you have any questions and I’ll respond in the comments! Time to throw a holiday party in here, don’t you think? 🍾

wedgwood nantucket in design darling dining room

design darling dining room

slim aarons print and west elm mirrored bar tray


Crate & Barrel dining table

CB2 dining chairs with cushions upholstered in this fabric

Katie Kime birdcage chair

Wisteria bookshelf (similar here and here)

Society Social table with Etsy custom table skirt

West Elm mirrored bar tray and stand


Slim Aarons Sea Drive print

Slim Aarons Nice Pool print

Slim Aarons Chapin Family print

quatrefoil mirror (similar here and here)

Slim Aarons Marbella House Party print


Dash & Albert striped rug

Cambria acrylic curtain rods

Pottery Barn cotton drapes

blue and white garden stools

Greek key throw pillow

Serena & Lily table lamp c/o

 Serena & Lily candlesticks c/o

Pottery Barn tray


Kate Spade bowl

blue and white ginger jars (old, similar)

Crosley record player

Ralph Lauren picture frame

Artifact Uprising albums

Mills Floral Co. boxwood ball in Sasha Nicholas champagne bucket


Ralph Lauren ice bucket (sold out, similar)

Ralph Lauren cocktail shaker

Ralph Lauren double bowl

Ralph Lauren bar tools

tortoiseshell bowl (old, similar)


Simon Pearce candlesticks

blue and white vase (old, similar)

Serena & Lily placemats c/o

Schott Zweisel wine glasses

Wedgwood Nantucket dinnerware

Pottery Barn utensils

dinner napkins from our wedding reception

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  1. I love all the hydrangeas you have in vases throughout your home! If they are fake – where did you get them from?

  2. I saw on your bookstand a book called Preppy, can’t find it anywhere who wrote it.
    I love all the little touches and thought that goes into your decorating just lovely.

  3. Beautiful! Where are your drapes and drapery rods from? Looking for the perfect acrylic rods and they’re harder to find than I expected!

  4. Looks gorgeous!

    How do you keep your napkins from staining (I imagine you can’t use bleach with the embroidery?)..

    Unrelatedly, I’d be remiss not to encourage you to vote tomorrow, if you haven’t already–and to encourage your followers to do so as well!